96 Hour Fitness?

uf da, too heavyNow that I’m old — okay, just mid-30s, but it seems old to me — I’ve decided that I should start taking better care of myself. So I joined a gym, which I attend semi-frequently…when I’m not on the Cadbury Mini-Egg diet that I seem to be following this week.

My gym-of-choice had to be nearby, cheap, and have childcare. And the Northgate 24 Hour Fitness (above Pacific Fabrics, next to the post office) fit the bill. It’s teeny, has no showers, but I can get there quickly, work out, and get out, which is what I wanted anyways.

The bad news: It’s closing.

The good news: Later this year, it’s relocating about a block away, and getting four times bigger.

Woo hoo!

Here’s the original article from the Seattle Times about how gyms around the Puget Sound region and beyond are stepping up to fill empty retail space during this current economic retail pullback.


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