Bryant Elementary buglarized on Wednesday night

Looks like local homes and businesses aren’t the only places getting hit by burglaries recently:  Bryant Elementary School (3311 NE 60th St) was broken into on Wednesday night, October 20th.

The following message went out via email from the school on Friday night:

October 22, 2010

Dear Bryant Parents and Community,

We want to inform you about a theft at our school that could impact our families.  Sometime Wednesday night, our school office was broken into.  Cash and a number of checks were stolen from our safe.  Only checks written for scrip, coffee and Chinook Books were taken.

The Bryant PTSA will be calling families and requesting that they cancel any checks that have not been deposited.  Families will be asked to rewrite the check and deduct the bank fee cost that they incur.

The PTSA and our school will also be looking into ways to improve the safety of check storage at the school.  We have filed a police report and the investigation is ongoing.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Gayle Everly, principal
Kim Fox, principal
Monica Mac, PTSA President

I have sent an email to the school in return, asking for contact information should anyone feel the urge to help the school out in any way.


  1. View Ridge has been hit twice and Thornton Creek got burglarized last week as well.

    • Yup, you’re right. I’d forgotten about that Thornton Creek one. Here are two brief summaries of those thefts:

      View Ridge Elementary was broken into in mid-September (nothing taken) and October 1 (computers stolen).

      Thornton Creek School was broken into over the weekend of October 15-17. Computer was stolen.

      (Full police reports for those two burglaries are available on Nothing available there yet for the Bryant burglary.)

  2. There have been a rash of recent burglaries around my neighborhood (73rd block of 16th Ave NE). There were 3 on the 26th, 2 yesterday, and 1 today. We just just had a block meeting to discuss steps for heightened vigilance & awareness. We’re also going to be meeting with a police rep. I also thought I’d share this link you may find useful for the Seattle police reports site that has a map with icons that show different crimes and give a brief summary when you hover the mouse over them:


    • Anonymous says:

      I am very sorry to hear that, Steve. If there’s anything from your block meeting and/or police rep. meeting that you would like to share on the Ravenna Blog, I would be more than happy to post it. As it stands, I’ll do a write up of your block’s recent break-ins, using the information you’ve provided here (no incidents or reports online yet, that I can find).

      I am aware of that city police report site you linked to, and there is another that I use from time to time (more often lately, unfortunately). It’s a little less busy looking than the city’s site, and they’ve even got a free iPhone/iPod app available.

      • I should be clear that my block has had “only” *two* breakins – the others I mention above are within a few blocks of ours. Thanks for that other link!

        The thieves have been stealing laptops, jewelry and rifling through medicine cabinets, and it seems like they are pretty quick. The breakins seem to happen in the morning shortly after residents leave for work. Our guess is that the neighborhoods are being “cased”.


        • Anonymous says:

          Shoot, maybe I should ditch this neighborhood blog idea and start a stay-at-home-mom block watch business instead.

          I’ll add that info to the other info as well. Thanks.


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