Busy Weekend – Athletic Edition

UWA few UW events in the area you might be interested in/affected by, traffic-wise and Dawg fan-wise:

Friday, April 30 – Friday Night Lights, the first spring night game for the Husky football team starts at 6:30pm. And it’s free!

The format (out just a coupla hours ago) will be the one offense and two defense against the one defense and two offense. This should make sense to those of you who know about such things.

There’s also some stuff for kids (13 and under) on the East Practice Field, adjacent to the stadium. The Husky Kids’ Zone opens at 5:30 with free food and beverages and “a number of football-related activities.”

Saturday, May 1 – The Opening Day of Boating and the 2010 Windermere Cup

If you want to see the racing, be at the Montlake Cut by 10:05, the start of the Dragon Boat Exhibition Race.

He won, OF COURSE.If you’re just in it for the parade, line the cut by 11:45 to see the crews make their way back through, followed by the decorated boats.  The theme this year is Out of This World, which might not stop the Bremerton Yacht Club from busting out Elvis again. Elvis is good with everything.

More info about the parade than you’d ever be able to read available in pdf form at the Seattle Yacht Club website, HERE.


Friday: More than usual in the Husky Stadium area in the PM. Nothing on the scale of a regular Saturday game in the fall.

Saturday: Oy. Montlake Bridge CLOSED from 10am-4pm.  Also, the 520 ramps in the Montlake Bridge vicinity also CLOSED at those times. And if you are visiting friends in the area, good luck finding street parking!

EXTRA: I also want to mention that the Husky Baseball team is playing Stanford at Safeco Field on Saturday, May 1 at 6:30pm. Home plate gates open at 5:00pm, free trading cards for first 1,000 kids AND kids get to race around the bases after the game. You do need to purchase tickets for this one, though.

Thank you to Katie Silva at UW Intercollegiate Athletics for the baseball and tackleball info. And to the WSDOT for the traffic stuff.

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