Two deaths at Ravenna retirement home prompt homicide investigation (UPDATES, PHOTOS)



An Ida Culver House Ravenna resident (seated) leaves the facility during the police activity for the calm of a local restaurant across the street.

We became aware around 4 PM of a large police presence around Ida Culver House Ravenna (2315 NE 65th Street). A man and an elderly female resident and been both found dead in a room inside. Police are now investigating the incident as a possible murder-suicide.


Homicide detectives stand in the inner courtyard of Ida Culver House Ravenna.

From the SPD Blotter:

Police received a report from the man’s family around 2 PM that the man had left his Ballard home after indicating he was contemplating suicide. A short time later, police received a second call from the family indicating the man may have headed for his elderly mother’s assisted living facility in the Ravenna neighborhood, with plans to harm her.

As police headed to the facility—located in the 2300 block of NE 65th Street—nursing home staff went to the elderly woman’s room to check on her, and found the bodies of a man and an elderly woman. The King County Medical Examiner will formally identify the bodies.


A King County Medical Examiner readies herself for the scene as locals gather outside Ida Culver House Ravenna.

More info when we have it.


UPDATE (5:36 PM): Added pictures from the scene.

UPDATE (Tuesday evening): Yesterday we talked with Nicole Francois with Ida Culver House Ravenna about the incident. She told us that counselors have been made available to staff and residents onsite, and “every day is a bit better for our community.” Francois also shared with us a statement from the president of Era Living:

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of one of our remarkable residents.  Our hearts go out to the family that is affected by this tragic event.

We are working in cooperation with the Seattle Police Department as they investigate the death of a resident from this single and isolated incident.”

– Eli Almo, President and CEO, Era Living

The names of those who died have not yet been released by the medical examiner’s office to us. Francois was unable to release similar information; however, she was able to say that the Ida Culver Ravenna resident was in an independent living unit at the time of the incident. In general, the family and friends of residents are strongly encouraged to visit their loved ones in retirement communities like Ida Culver. Depression due to feelings of isolation is a major concern. And unless staff is informed of issues between residents and potential visitors, there is usually no reason to prevent such meetings.

Francois also told us that there will be a private memorial service for the resident sometime this week, for family and friends. If residents feel moved to pass along condolences, they can be sent along to Ida Culver House Ravenna, 2315 NE 65th Street, Seattle, WA 98115.

UPDATE (Friday, July 25): The names of the deceased were published in today’s Seattle Times: Annie McClure, 83, and William T. McClure, 57. The woman’s death, due to a gunshot wound to the head, was ruled a homicide. Her son took his own life in the same manner.

UPDATE (Sunday, July 27): An obituary for William McClure is now online.

Twitter Feed Round-Up for August 14

Ack! It’s been a while. Time for another Ravenna Blog Twitter Feed Round-Up.

[If you can’t understand why people find twitter to be so fascinating/addicting, I made a comment last night about seeing lots of police cars go by on NE 75th St, and then watched the whole Wedgwood QFC shooting story unfold, in near real time, on twitter. Beat that, local TV news.]

Most recent at the top:

  • Sand Point @MetMarket now carrying California Olive Ranch olive oil. As local an olive oil as you can get, for now. #climatechange
  • There’s also a depressing University Link Light Rail Countdown Clock. 2268 days, 15 hours, 46 minutes and counting. Oy.
  • The @seatransitblog post on PSRC funding recommendations includes a pic of the Roosevelt Light Rail Station:
  • You CAN download an “I vote!” icon, however. They know you miss that sticker.
  • Ballots need to be in the MAIL by tomorrow: No drop-offs at Neighborhood Service Centers. Can’t tweet your choices to @kcnews, either.
  • Eight chickens for everyone! As long as they’re ≥10 feet from primary residential structures, and aren’t boys.
  • Recycle week. Yay.
    Seattle can drop trash to every other week as long as recycling becomes weekly.
  • @sallybagshaw is now following us. Triple word score! #harassingnewestfollower
  • Also, NE 45th St Viaduct Project: the flickr set –
  • SDOT Update: 22nd Ave NE to NE 45th St to reopen by Saturday! SDOT still on track to reopen the NE 45th St viaduct by September 10!
  • Dahl Park Wading Pool closes for the year on Thursday, August 19th (last day). “But MOOOOOM (and @SeattleParks) – Summer just started!”
  • Story on @Crosscut about Sisleyville and development – Roosevelt’s dilemma: How should a neighborhood grow?
  • 50 facebook followers! Number 50 is the guy who needs the garage. Really gotta find him a garage now.
  • McSweeney’s (John Flowers) recommends “The Newspaper” as best e-reader on the market. Hats!
  • Field trip! Gonna ride the light rail to Columbia City, get ourselves some Tutta Bella, South. Can’t wait until 2020 for lunch today.

My personal favorite:

  • Driving by 15th Ave NE & NE 65th St this morning, my TWO-AND-A-HALF YEAR OLD asks when those buildings will be torn down. #Sisleyville

Twitter Feed Round-Up for June 26

Ah yes, it’s that time again.

Here’s what you may have missed on the Ravenna Blog twitter feed:

  • The Brand New Boom Noodle in the U Village is expected to open for Dinner on July 5th! (via @BoomNoodle)
  • Okay, followers, here’s your invite: Help unlock Ravenna on NabeWise. Check it out!
  • RT @RavCommGarden There’s an official City of Seattle Urban Agriculture website!
  • Missed The Atlantic Crossing pub on The Daily Show? Check it out here: (via @Roosiehood)
  • One eastbound lane of NE Pacific St near the UW to be closed on Mon the 28th from 9am-maybe 3pm. Tree root damaged sidewalk to be replaced.
  • Don’t wanna see 160 foot buildings go up in Roosevelt-Ravenna? Sign the petition, let the city council know. Info
  • Like to read Cliff Mass’s blog but don’t always have the time? Try following @ClffMssAbr: She’ll at least tell you if you’ll need your coat.
  • For those of you who just can’t get enough of that vuvuzela horn:

Twitter Feed Round-Up for June 12

Some interesting tidbits in the mostly weekly twitter feed round-up this week INCLUDING the birth of a new neighborhood blog!

Roosevelt neighbors and fans, you now have the Roosiehood blog, twitter feed and facebook page for all your Roosevelt neighborhood needs.  Huzzah!

And here’s what you may have missed on the @RavennaBlog twitter feed this week:

  • Story Time is BACK at the NE Branch: Babies start it off today [Sat] at 11:30. Full schedule on the blog’s Google Calendar.
  • And here’s some background on the new Forza Coffee opening Sat (owned by cops!):
  • Nancy Leson on Mamma Melina, past and present, at her blog:
  • Sunday’s really your last chance to drive on the NE 45th viaduct until mid-September. Live it up!
  • Wedgwood View reports that Spooner Farms strawberries will be returning to the Hunter Farm stand in 5-10 days (strawberries runnin’ late).
  • @roosiehood You can have the car bridge. I’ve got this “comely” beauty, on 20th Avenue NE.
  • I thought nothing would ever come between me and @mygreenlake, but I’m glad @roosiehood did. Now, get to work.
  • Thank you, Jill Beck (@MrsWaterClown), for being our 100th follower! You even seem as though you are an actual person, which is a bonus.
  • For those keeping score, that’s WA, MN, KY, NE, OH, MI, and the original in Italy. Road trip, anyone?
  • Ya sure, you betcha: There’s a Ravenna in Minnesota. Just a couple miles west of Sharp Muskrat Lake (or 40 minutes outside St. Paul).
  • Acorn Street Yarn Shop on B3 of the Seattle Times today. Pic of the old awnings being removed. New ones are up, lookin’ good.
  • Friends of Ravenna Ravine work party this Saturday. Bindweed and blackberry on the seek and destroy list. More info at
  • Starting to see detour signs and even a Dynamic Message Sign (example: going up on 65th. Can’t wait!
  • Is your family looking shaggy? Here’s a good deal: RT @pinupsalon Free kids cut with adult haircut all week long!
  • Dahl and Ravenna wading pools still set to open June 28. City’s budget could still close ’em, tho. We’ll all found out in a couple of weeks.
  • @mygreenlake There’s a crow fledgling in my backyard, on the deck. Should I go out there, and try and be friends? 😉
  • Aha! Osaka Sushi is to become *drumroll* BERNU’S INDIAN RESTAURANT. Sorry, Himalayan Kitchen, but it looks like you’ve got competition.

Hey, it just occurs to me: I accidentally skipped last week’s twitter round-up. These things don’t keep very well, you know, but here’s a few that you still might be interested in:

Twitter Feed Round-Up for May 30

ARRRRRRRNo, you’re not seeing double. The first post since last week’s inaugural Twitter Feed Round-Up is…another Twitter Feed Round-Up.

However, if you’re looking for new content, look over the Ravenna Blog Google Calendar (on the right –>). It’s now loaded with all the free and/or cheap activities of note at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center this summer. [Hopefully the city budget process will not erase all my hard work and your potential fun.]

Also, for fans of the new Ravenna Community Garden, the website has sprouted! Yours truly is the webmistress, which means, for those of you who are not all that interested in the garden, you will be hearing about it less here. [There’s also a Ravenna Community Garden twitter feed.]

Anyway, your Round-Up awaits:

  • Yoga? Outside? At Ravenna TPB? Every morning at 7 for 45 minutes? June through August? Weather permitting? I’ll get more info.
  • [RCG] Help plant tomatoes this Sunday at the community garden, from 1 to 3. Bring hand tools and a warm hat.
  • @NFMASeattle I hate to break it to you, but, you haven’t seen Cliff Mass’ updated forecast, have you?
  • Hey, look at this:
    Full disclosure: I’m building it, and I need more questions for the FAQ. Got any?
  • Cafe O’Play on Blakely is closing. Multi-seller rummage sale this Sat-Sun, clothing show by MiMi Bug on Sunday.
  • Looks like the Forza Coffee going in The Croydon on 25th Ave NE is going to have beer and wine. Personally, I’d rather they had Frangelico.
  • Tweet @mollymoon about where you’d like to see their ice cream truck stop in Seattle this summer. Schedule up on their blog on June 4th.
  • North Link Light Rail Community Meeting, June 16, 5:30-8:30, Roosevelt HS Commons. Thanks, @PinehurstSea.
  • Heh. NE 45th St viaduct to close day after commencement, reopen day before first home football game. I C WUT U DID THER.
  • Spotted today in the neighborhood, TWICE: The Roosevelt High Marching Band. Did I hear James Brown?! Yes, I think I did.
  • Hey, Roosevelt neighbors — Roosie web edition, out now:

Twitter Feed Round-Up

ARRRRRRRI realize that many of you who partake of the Ravenna Blog may not partake of the Ravenna Blog twitter feed (or twitter in general). I promise to not hold it against you. But you are missing some good tidbits of neighborhood news that just don’t get made into a full-blown blog post.

So, how about, once a week, I catch you up on what you may have missed?

Some items of interest on the Ravenna Blog twitter feed from the past week:

  • Summer 2010 Seattle Parks and Rec Catalog is out!  Lots of good stuff in there – I hope it all happens. :/
  • I counted 36 at PJ Story Time last night (19 kids, 17 adults). My favorite part, once again, was the crazy dance contest. It makes me LOL.
  • We have until June 14 to drive on the NE 45th viaduct. What will we do btwn then and September 10? I get congested just thinking about it.
  • All children’s events at the NE branch through August 26 now on the Ravenna Blog events Google calendar.
  • Humorous review of some North Seattle playgrounds, at the P-I’s ‘in North Seattle’ blog:
  • Seattle Weekly reviews the Ravenna Alehouse (specifically, their $4 PBR & PB&J deal on Wednesdays):
  • Wanted a Ravenna neighborhoodie. They’re a little pricey! Playing around with cafepress instead. To be continued.
  • Boom Noodle at the U Village scheduled to open on July 1st. Happy Canada Day, everyone!
  • @themapleleafer The Maple Leaf Park artist apprenticed under Andy Goldsworthy?! That park is in GOOD hands.
  • Speaking of produce, Meadowbrook Farmers Market starts up again this June 6th.