City Council Candidates Forum coming to Magnuson Park

The Northeast District Council invites you to a City Council Candidates Forum on Monday, October 17, from 7-9 PM. The forum is being held at Magnuson Park Building 406 (The Brig).

Confirmed candidates as of October 4th are as follows (names linked to campaign sites; “I” stands for “incumbent”):

Position 1: Bobby Forch and Jean Godden (I)

Position 3: Bruce Harrell (I) and Brad Meacham

Position 5: Dale Pusey and Tom Rasmussen (I)

Position 7: David Schraer

Position 9: Sally Clark (I) and Dian Ferguson

The King County General Election date is November 8, 2011 (when mail-in ballots are due). Statements from all candidates are available at the King County Elections website.

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