Hop on the bus, Russ, indeed.

King County Metro wants to help you out of your car.

Join their Northeast Seattle In Motion Program and you can earn rewards and qualify for prize drawings as you bike, walk, bus and carpool your way around town.

The program runs through mid-November.  You need to live south of 65th and east of 25th to qualify for the Northeast Program (here’s Metro’s nifty map of the area), but you can still use their tips on your own (the Do It Yourself kit is here).

In Motion has been around since 2003 (other neighborhood programs here), but this fall is its first time in our neck of the woods.

I’ve a friend on the Eastside who’s been using the program.  She says that logging her efforts and receiving the transpo-treats have really encouraged her to save rides and look for alternatives to get around.

Thanks to Linda T. for the press release.

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