Looks like Stay Inside and Fill Out Surveys weather

You WERE going to rake leaves this weekend, honest. But the weather has you trapped inside, where there are blankets, and hot cocoa. And possibly cats.

Why not dedicate a few moments of your time to giving the city a piece of your mind?

Road Safety Summit Comment Form (and Forum)

Now through November 23: The Mayor and City Council would love to know how you feel about road safety. You can find the Road Safety Summit comments form here.

You will be asked to review traffic safety data and then give your answers to the following three questions:

1. What do you think are the highest priority safety problems to solve on Seattle roads?
2. What do you think are the most important things to do to make Seattle roads safer?
3. We often talk about what government can do to promote safety. What are the ways that groups and individuals can promote safety?

In case you do feel like leaving the house (and cats) on Tuesday, November 15, a public forum on road safety is being held at the Northgate Community Center (10510 5th Ave NE), from 6-8 PM. RSVP here.

University District StreetFair Survey

The Greater University Chamber of Commerce has a survey up regarding the Annual University District StreetFair (held on the third weekend of May annually). Responses will be used to help improve future StreetFairs.

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