Missing cat, found dog (UPDATE)

Two pet mix-ups to share with you from over the past weekend. Please keep your eyes and ears open!

Lost Cat

Please Help Taz get back home. He was last seen on Tuesday, July 3, near Ravenna Ave NE and NE 70th St.

Taz is a neutered male cat with medium length black fur. He’s almost a year old, and a little smaller than average. He’s an indoor cat, and normally shy around strangers.

Please call,  text, and/or email if you have seen him. Phone number is 406-4111, and the email address is  LostRavennaCat@hotmail.com.


Found Dog

UPDATE (12:42 PM): Dog finder Vanessa tells us that the dog was chipped and the owner has been located!

This guy was found a little further out than Ravenna, but lost animals do wonder about.

This darling medium-sized, neutered, male dog was found the evening of 7/7/13 without any collar on Corliss Ave. N off of 92nd St. (The red harness pictured is a loaner.) He’s mostly black, with tan and white on his chest, legs, and feet. He was spotted on the loose in the same area a couple of weeks back (also collarless that time) but was not able to be apprehended — too fearful, shy, and skittish. Was won over with food and treats this time, and is an incredibly wonderful and loving guy, adapting readily to being around kind adults, kids, and another well-socialized dog. Will be taking him to vet shortly to verify whether he’s chipped. Please be in touch if you think you might know this dog and/or the owner — thank you! Contact info: rutabaga.unicycle@gmail.com.

lost dog

Dog found on Sunday, July 7, on Corliss Ave N off of NE 92nd St. Was also seen roaming in same area in late June.


  1. Samantha says:

    Found Cat:
    A black and white tuxedo cat with extra “thumbs” on its paws has been hanging around the area of 16th ave & 63rd ne for the past week. As far as I can tell it is not one of our neighbor’s cats. It appears to be lost as it wants to enter our home & meows for attention. It is very friendly & looks like it was well cared for. I am concerned this cat is lost & am hoping to find its home. I have photos to share but I’m not sure how to post them.

    I am willing to take it to Seattle Animal Shelter if the owner is not located. Please call 206-985-4086 if this is your kitty or you have any info.

  2. kristin says:

    Today 7/23/13 I found a black adult dog (lab retriever type) running in front of my car on 15th approaching 75 ave ne in Ravenna. I stopped called it to me and gave it some water from a houses water hose and could tell it was overheated. I took it to the Seattle Animal Shelter at 2061 15th ave west
    they will hold it for 72 hours and then put it up for adoption. I hope the owner finds it! It was a very sweet dog and I could tell it was loved!!!
    Please call 206-755-7918 if you know anything about this dog.

  3. Our dog wandered off last night. She looks like an Aussie Sheppard with a collie head. Please call 425.761.0503 or email if you have her. Thanks, Caprice

  4. A male neutered cat with Siamese eyes showed up at our home. He’s tan & looks quite healthy. Seems to want to come inside. Please call 206-524-8694 after 0900 tomorrow.

  5. Has anyone seen or heard a shy and extremely skittish but very sweet 8 yr old male bengal cat in or near Ravenna? He has been missing for over a week and is hungry and thirsty and possibly trapped. Please would you guys please check for me anywhere on your premises that you think a cat could get himself trapped? His name is Trout and he is microchipped. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kate
    Call me if any siting or crying heard (646)675-1823

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