NE Seattle Development Map

Within the following Google Map, you can learn about large development projects in Northeast Seattle*.

We recommend opening links within each project in a new tab (usually a right-click, then select “Open Link in New Tab”).

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*But only the projects we know about! If you see large projects missing from the map, leave a comment below with the address (or contact us here, via web form). We’ll do our best to find more information to add to the map.


Recent additions (with descriptions pulled from project documents):

June 28

Adjusted the Northgate Link Tunnel line to more closely match Sound Transit map (found here, PDF).

June 19

  • 4230 11th Ave NE project changed from five-story, 40-50 unit structure to seven-story, 101 unit structure.

June 12

Project current statuses (colors) updated. Few changes.

May 4

  • 6105 (and 6107) Roosevelt Way NE – Two parcels unified into one. Establish use and construct 4-story + basement mixed use 140 bedroom congregate building plus ground retail.
  • 8521 Roosevelt Way NE – 4-story mixed use structure containing 20 residential units and 5,000 sq. ft. of retail. Parking for 20 vehicles to be provided at grade and ten vehicles within the structure. Existing structure to be demolished.
  • 900 Ravenna Blvd Micros – Establish use for 2 single family residences and construct 2 boarding houses, per plans.

April 27

Project current statuses (by color) all updated!

BROWN = Prep/Initial information collected
ORANGE = Application accepted/Reviews
YELLOW = Permit Issued/Demolition/Construction/Inspections
GREEN = Finished and occupied
GRAY = Expired or Closed

April 17

  • 5246 Brooklyn Ave NE – Establish use as and construct apartment building (3 stories, 12 units) and occupy, per plan.
  • 7321 35th Ave NE – Allow four residential and two live/work structures (six buildings total) in an environmentally critical area. Surface parking for four vehicles to be provided. Existing single family residence to be demolished.
  • 6612 8th Ave NE – Establish use as apartments and construct 7 boarding houses and one apartment in a single structure, and occupy per plan.
  • Started color-coding projects based on what phase the projects are in (initial info collected, application accepted, permit issued).

April 4

  • 4320 8th Ave NE – EDG- demo existing SFR and garage. Construct 5 story building and establish use as apartments
  • 5755 NE 63rd St – one 4-story structure containing 3 live/work units; One 4-story structure containing 3 townhouse units; and one 3-story garage house unit. Surface parking for 2 vehicles to be provided and parking for 6 vehicles to be located within the structures.

April 3

  • aPODment Suites at TRULIN15 (5528 15th Ave NE) – 4 story, congregate residence with 51 bedrooms. 3 kitchens. No parking proposed. Existing apartment building to be demolished.
  • 4754 18th Ave NE – Demolish SFR and construction of a 4-story over basement congregate/boarding residence (40 bedrooms)
  • 4742 20th Ave NE – Demolish existing house and construct congregate residence. Micro unit apartments.
  • 4519 18th Ave NE – 16 unit multifamily building with 14 below-grade parking stalls
  • 4724 22nd Ave NE – New Construction of a 5-level, 14250 SF residential building. This will be congregate housing with 44 sleeping units.
  • 5212 22nd Ave NE – eight unit apartment building with parking for eight vehicles located below grade in an environmentally critical area.
  • 6325 12th Ave NE – Construction of a mixed-use multi-family building where a surface parking lot exists currently.
  • 829 NE 67th St – Construction of 200 congregate housing (3 parcels unified into one). Six stories above grade plus a basement.
  • 7011 Roosevelt Way NE – Property boundary changes plus demolish existing commercial structure and detached garage and construct one new mixed use building containing 2,500 sf commercial space and 39 residential units.
  • University Village (new building north of Eddie Bauer and Aritzia, replacing parking lot) – Two-story building with 11,461sq. ft. of retail space at ground level and 12,125 sq. ft. of restaurant space above (1,750 sq. ft. of which is outdoors). An open public plaza area on the west side of the structure has seating and a water feature.
  • Split the three different Bryant Heights projects apart (commercial/residential, townhomes, single-family homes)
  • 6520 Weedin Pl NE – (4) new 3 story + basement rowhouses with 3 parking garages inside.

April 2

  • 4046 8th Ave NE – Demolish existing duplex, construct new 32-unit apartment building
  • 4041 Roosevelt Way NE – Seven-story structure with 214 residential units and 3,600 sq. ft. of retail space located at ground level. Parking for 150 vehicles will be provided at and below grade. 100 spaces will be provided for bicycles at ground level.
  • Blessed Sacrament Parish (5041 9th Ave NE) – New Parking garage and new below grade additions to church.
  • University Commons (5019 Roosevelt Way NE) – Four-story structure containing 49 low income units above 6,225 retail space. Parking for 10 vehicles to be provided.
  • The Den on Brooklyn (5043 Brooklyn Ave NE) – Four-story building containing 50 residential units.
  • 4230 11th Ave NE – Demolition of existing site structures and construction of a new five-story Multi-Family structure containing 40-50 Dwelling Units UPDATE (June 19): Changed to seven-story, 101 unit project.
  • 12th Avenue Apartments (4123 12th Avenue NE) – Seven-story structure containing 102 residential units.
  • 41st Street Apartments (4106 12th Ave NE and 1210 NE 41st St) – Seven-story apartment containing 105 units.
  • 4128 Brooklyn Ave NE – Seven-story structure containing 84 residential units. Parking for 41 vehicles to be provided below grade.
  • Bellwether Housing (4738 15th Ave NE) – Seven-story building containing 126 residential units above 3000 sq. ft. of commercial space (including 2 live/work units) and three townhouse residential units also to be located at ground level. Project includes parking for 140 vehicles. (Affordable rental housing by non-profit owner.)

April 1

  • 7th Avenue NE Studios (4029 7th Ave NE) – Five-story structure containing 75 residential units.
  • LaVita Apartments (4055 7th Ave NE) – Four-story, 60 unit residential building with parking for 10 vehicles located in a below grade garage.
  • Academia Court (4039 8th Ave NE) – Five-story, 62 unit residential structure.

March 25:

  • Savanna Apartments (4710 11th Ave NE) – Seven-story, 40-unit residential building with 1,300 sq. ft. of retail at grade. Parking for four vehicles will be located within the structure.
  • 4737 Roosevelt Way NE – 6-story structure containing 65 residential units above 1,501 sq. ft. of retail. Parking for 14 vehicles to be provided at grade.
  • Curve (4557 11th Ave NE) – Three residential structures: South structure is 5 stories containing 15 residential units; Central structure is 7 stories containing 95 residential units; North structure is 8 stories containing 75 residential units above 1,600 sq. ft. of commercial space. Below grade parking for 127 vehicles to be provided.
  • Freeway Motors/University Audi (4741 11th Ave NE) – Three-story structure containing 116,640 sq. ft. of sales and rental of motorized vehicles and 4,834 sq. ft. of office (Freeway Motors). Project includes 1,350 cu. yds. of grading. Existing 6,300 sq. ft. service building to be demolished and 8,120 sq. ft. building (vehicle showroom) to remain.
  • 8th Avenue Apartments (4545 8th Ave NE) – Seven-story structure containing 162 residential units. Parking for 97 vehicles to be provided at and below grade.
  • 47 + 7 (4558 7th Ave NE) – Six-story structure containing 29 residential units. Parking for 13 vehicles proposed below grade.
  • 4302 NE 43rd St – Four-story structure containing 47 residential units. Parking for 11 vehicles to be provided below grade.

March 23:

  • Washington State Employees Credit Union (1121 NE 45th St) – Six-story office building with ground floor retail and 28 parking stalls.
  • Residence Inn Seattle – University District (4501 12th Ave NE) – 8-story building containing 7,000 sq. ft. of retail at ground level and 140,263 sq. ft. of hotel (215 rooms) at and above grade. Below grade parking for 198 vehicles to be provided within the structure.
  • Ava University District
    • West Building (4550 11th Ave NE) – Seven-story structure containing 109 units over 6,000 sq. ft. of retail and eight live/work units. Parking for 102 vehicles to be provided below grade.
    • East Building (4535 12th Ave NE) – Seven-story structure containing 167 units over 6,000 sq. ft. of retail and eight live/work units. Parking for 189 vehicles to be provided below grade.

Removing the NE 45th Street Station Overlay District shape (will add back as a border later). Links below:

Removing the Roosevelt Station Overlay District shape (will add back as a border later). Links below:

March 18:

Started work on the Northgate Tunnel route — rough draft place-holder line.

Realized that map users might be having trouble easily accessing information on projects located within the station overlay areas — clicking pulls up overlay info, but not orange box info. May need to remove the yellow overlay boxes, and use borders instead.

For users having trouble, open the tracker in its own window and click on the projects in the list on the left-hand side of the larger map.

March 17:

    • 4717 Brooklyn Ave NE (Weaving Works) – Seven-story, 56 unit apartment building with 3,600 sq. ft. of retail commercial space at grade. Parking for 8 vehicles will be located in partially below grade garage. Existing structure to be demolished.

March 14:

    • 800 NE 67th St – Seven-story structure containing 270 residential units in an environmentally critical area. Parking for 224 vehicles to be provided below grade.
    • Roosevelt Station Overlay District
    • SquareOne Apartments (1020 NE 63rd St) – Six-story, 93,743 sq. ft. structure containing four live/work units and 108 residential units. Parking for 70 vehicles to be provided below grade.
    • 7029 35th Ave NE – Two, 2-unit townhouse structure and one, 4-unit townhouse structure for a total of eight units. Surface parking for eight vehicles to be provided.
    • 7301 38th Ave NE – Establish use as rowhouses and construct 5-unit rowhouse, per plans. Demolition of existing apartment building to be under separate permit.
    • Miranda (5000 University Way NE) – Seven-story structure with 115 residential units above 10,765 sq. ft. of ground level commercial space. Project also includes parking for 45 vehicles and 30 bicycles located at and below grade.
    • 5518 Roosevelt Way NE – Two, 4-story structures. The east structure will contain five residential units. The west structure will contain five residential units over 2,290 sq. ft. of commercial space at ground level. Parking for 10 vehicles to be provided under the east structure.
    • American Campus Communities (4555 Roosevelt Way NE) – 6-story 168 unit residential addition to existing 2-story office and retail building to result in an 8-story building. Forty parking spaces to be removed to allow a two story garage with parking for 150 parking spaces. Hundred ten existing parking spaces to remain, totaling 260 spaces.
    • NE 45th Street Station Overlay District
    • Northgate Light Rail Station – construction zone plus final, elevated station (minus Maple Leaf Portal section).