Night Paving at the Scramble: The Movie

If “night swimming deserves a quiet night*,” night paving utterly DESTROYS it.

Over the past two nights, road construction crews have been laying fresh asphalt over the road surface of the “Scramble” (NE 55th St/Ravenna Blvd/22nd Ave NE) in the southeast portion of the Ravenna neighborhood.

This work is a part of the ongoing project to upgrade this intersection and make it safer for cars, bicyclists and pedestrians alike. It’s also a part of the ongoing 15th Avenue Reconstruction Project happening to the west.

View The Scramble in a larger map

Moving the repaving of the road surfaces to the evening has no doubt been a boon to daytime motorists, but quite the curse to the local residents who are trying to sleep. To get a sense of what these folks are putting up with, I dragged urged my brother (and fellow Ravenna resident) to accompany me to the construction site to document the process for all to see.

For a more true-to-life night paving experience, I urge you to play the following video of last night’s night paving with your volume cranked to 11 and a hot bucket of tar under your nose.



For a look at “Scramble” progress in the daytime (and the project’s final design), check out this post from May 18.


*My sincere apologies to Mr. Stipe for that one.

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