No injuries in last night’s house fire in north Ravenna (UPDATE)

The Seattle Fire Department responded to a house fire on the 7300 block of 23rd Avenue NE at around 10:40 PM on Thursday evening.

No one was injured in the fire.

The cause of the fire is as yet undetermined, but I will update this story when I have more information.

UPDATE (8:29 AM): I’ve heard back from Seattle Fire Department spokeswoman Helen Fitzpatrick (via email):

The house fire at 7340 23rd Avenue Northeast was an accidental fire caused by a malfunctioning heater in a bedroom. There were no injuries. The estimated damage to the home and contents is $250,000.

North Seattle KOMO has a story up which includes a picture of the fire fighters in action last night.

View of the rear of the house, taken from the alley

As I arrived at the house this morning to take pictures, Engine 40 and her staff were on scene, watching the house.

Fire department staff will stay on scene until the cause of the fire has been determined. This is to both ensure that the building stays secure (“continuity of evidence” in case of an arson finding), and to make sure that the fire does not rekindle.

As I write this, there have already been three fire watch shift changes.

North side of the house

Fourteen fire department vehicles were dispatched to the house last night, which is considered to be a typical response for an incident like this one. The “extra” staff is on hand to provide support to those who are actively fighting the fire.


  1. neighbor says:

    Firefighters gave amazingly fast response to the fire. We watched from our back window as the house was swarmed with firefighters, silhouetted by the smoke. We are so thankful that the residents made it out safe!

    • Back window, eh? Do you live on 24th and share the alley with the house in question? Most of the fire was at the back of that house — that would have been a scary show!

  2. Roosevelt Dad says:

    I heard the sirens last night, and new it was close. Glad to hear all are OK.
    thanks for all the work keepin’ our news local!

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