Northeast Seattle BLACKOUT

It was around 5:49 PM that the tweets started coming in.

And it was swiftly followed by many…



…many more.

And of course this happened:


By the peak of the power outage, practically ALL of Northeast Seattle was in the dark. More than 43,000 Seattle City Light customers affected.


Seattle City Light posted the following information on their Power Lines home page around 8:30 PM:

After 5:30 p.m. this evening, a breaker failure in the North Substation caused a power outage to more than 43,000 customers. The cause of the breaker failure is still being investigated.

As of 8:30 p.m., customers in the area have been fully restored by crews.

The boundaries of the power outage included:

  • To the North – NE 123rd St.
  • To the East – Lake Washington
  • To the South – NE 35th St.
  • To the West – Aurora Avenue

We’ll update this post with more information should Seattle City Light further determine the cause.


  1. …. That’s 43k people? …

    ….. dayum.

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