Now We Are Six (Years Old)


Happy birthday to…us!

Six years ago today the Ravenna Blog was born. The site started out with questions and observations about the neighborhood (a lost cat flyer and free stuff in an alley was among our first posts) and has become many local residents’ first source of information about Northeast Seattle events, power outages, and the answer to “Why is there a helicopter hovering over my house?”

This is also a good day to thank all of YOU for reading and asking questions and sharing your kale jokes and telling us about events and all that jazz. Really: THANK YOU.


Top Stories of the Past Year

Here were the most-read stories on the Ravenna Blog between August 8, 2013 and today:

1. AM Shooting at NE 55th Street and 26th Avenue NE, September 10, 2013

2. Shooting behind U-District Safeway, March 26, 2014

3. Dozens of guns stolen from home near Roosevelt High School, January 14, 2014

4. So, about those boarded up houses at 15th and 65th…, May 5, 2014

5. Mark Mullan sentenced, November 15, 2014

Our all-time most-visited post (since we’ve been keeping track) is still our behind-the-scenes tour of the University of Washington Light Rail Station at 60% completion, from January 2013.

And my favorite picture that I took this year was from the live fire exercises up at NE 68th Street and 32nd Avenue NE on May 16:


Three hours of taking pictures of fire fighters with a 35-pound toddler on my back. I’m still sore, but it was AWESOME.


Annual Pledge Drive Section

If you enjoy the Ravenna Blog’s coverage of local news and events, consider saying thanks with some financial support.

How about six bucks for our sixth birthday? That’s the cost of one smoothie from the new juice bar at Roosevelt Whole Foods, spent instead on homegrown local news coverage.

*click* one-time, anytime donation *click*

Last year’s birthday support was spent on a photography class at North Seattle College. And if that’s not the gift that keeps on giving…


…then I don’t know what is.


UPDATE (11:25 AM): If you thank us, we’ll thank you. Here are the folks who have helped fund the site today lately:

Donna DeShazo

Andres Salomon

Kristi Coulter

John Eddy

Ulysses Hillard

Doug Plummer

Brad Mohr

Jeremy Holmes

David Katz

James Simmons

Per Johnson

Deborah Casso

Stephanie Jewett


  1. Come by for a RGB Mule this early evening and I’ll donate and pay the garage sale owed amount. P.S. Love seeing your kids’ toys now in other people’s yards after the street garage sale. And, in the neighborhood spirit, the email list for 23rd NE between NE 65th and NE 70th has joined up with ours. United 23rd between 65th and 75th! Even bigger party next year. (Oh, and the bouncy house is here through the weekend.) That’s all the news I can contribute today.

  2. I take that back. I’m about to put a beautiful old early 20th century steamer trunk and a fairly broken but fixable BoB stroller out on the curb with a free sign. So upcycle, Ravenna!

  3. Marsha Miller says:

    The annual Candy Cane Lane Yard Sale is next Saturday, August 16 9 – 3. This is Candy Cane
    Lane’s main fundraiser. Proceeds are used for decorations and electricity for Candy Cane Lane,
    a long time Seattle Tradition. Location is Ravenna Blvd and Park Road. We will have kitchen items,
    household items, books, art work, kids clothes, teen clothes, a dresser, ottoman and more. No early birds, please.

  4. Stephanie says:

    A good LOL — payment confirmation for support shows as “Ever Butt” (Expanded is Ever Button)Happy Birthday Ravenna Blog — so appreciate your passion for the neighborhood — even though I hate Kale. 😉

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