Power outage affecting over 2,000 customers in Ravenna and U District

UPDATE (as I was writing): From the Seattle City Light’s Power Lines information page:

City Light crews have restored power to all but 837 customers in the University District area, in an outage that originally affected more than 2,000 customers. The outage began at about 6 p.m., and was caused by a downed wire.


Seattle City Light (and a few Ravenna Blog twitter feed followers) have reported a large power outage affecting areas of Ravenna and the University District, starting around 6PM this evening.

Seattle City Light Outage Map screen shot taken during the outage on April 1

Seattle City Light has crews working to restore power at this time (though no estimated time of restoration has been given).


This area is no stranger to outages: I reported on a similarly-shaped outage which occurred on January 24th of this year. I mention this not because I’m looking for a connection (or a conspiracy), just to note that local residents are quite tired of these things.


  1. Roosevelt Dad says:

    Power here just north of 75th St. flickered – enough that we had to re-set digital clocks and re-program radio station pre-sets.

  2. Greenwalksblog says:

    I don’t ever remember any outages during our first 5 years here, and now there have been three since around Thanksgiving. Could it have anything to do with the construction at Children’s? Or anything else that is a big change and is impacting our area? Pretty tired of it too, 2 1/2 hrs. in the dark not due to a storm is pretty annoying!

    • I think the previous outages have been due to a problem closer to the University Substation (which is not up by Children’s, though I admit that I don’t have an exact location).

      This latest outage, however, was due to a downed line. (Still annoying, though.)

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