Ravenna-Bryant Community Association meeting tonight

It’s the third Wednesday of the month, and once again the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association is holding its monthly meeting, from 6-7:45 pm tonight.

One part of the monthly routine has changed, however. The location for tonight’s meeting is Zeeks Pizza in Ravenna (2108 NE 65th St). The big room of the library was booked, you see.

I have not seen an official agenda has of yet, but you can bet I’ll be talking about this week’s other two meetings: The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association’s Land Use Committee’s rezoning meeting on Monday, and the Crime Prevention meeting from last night.

I also have copious notes from each of these meetings* that I’ll be working into posts for this week.


*This may be a good time to mention: If any of you loyal readers also happen to be preschool owners in the area, perhaps you would consider a childcare-advertising swap? You’d be doing a public service, here.


  1. I’m teaching a class tonight, but I’ll be there in spirit!

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