Roosevelt QFC demolition has begun (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

The Roosevelt QFC (6618 Roosevelt Way NE) — the first QFC in the chain — is meeting its end as we speak, as the grocery store gives way to Sound Transit light rail station construction.

We went by with our camera this afternoon, and recorded some of the destruction.

Video of some of the demolition

From 12th Avenue NE (east side)



 From Roosevelt Way NE (west side)

From NE 66th Street (south side)

From the Roosevelt High School track (above 12th Ave NE)


  1. Inevitable, I guess, but still very sad. I remember when that store was still Ray’s Thriftway, and there was a restaurant inside, just to the left as you entered.

  2. When really old, worn out buildings get demolished, I think it is sometimes a really good change. I have been looking to move my business, since our office building is really old and could potentially be quite dangerous someday. It would probably be best for us to get the building demolished, and then we could probably look into getting some new offices built, like what you are doing here. Thanks for the great information on how this demolition is going!

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