Roosevelt Station Construction Open House (LIVE COVERAGE)

From 6-8 PM on Wednesday, October 23, Sound Transit will hold a Roosevelt Light Rail Station Construction Open House in the Roosevelt High School Commons (1410 NE 66th St.).

The presentation portion of the event starts at 6:30 PM. Topics include:

  • Learn more about upcoming construction activities and schedule
  • Speak with Sound Transit staff
  • Meet the contractor

Our live coverage of the event will start around 6 PM. Follow along below, neighbor!

Rebecca October 23, 20137:41 PM

Back over to Open House Mode.

I’ll pester Sound Transit’s Bruce Gray about getting the presentation soon.

Rebecca October 23, 20137:37 PM

Concerns about other projects in the area. Any coordination between this project and the others? “My neighbor, when he goes to the dump, says to me, ‘Hey, do you have anything that needs to go?'” (Funny moment; talking about sharing muck trucks.)

Community outreach lead keeps in the loop, but admits there is no formal coordination between ST and other projects in the area being undertaken by private developers.

Rebecca October 23, 20137:32 PM

Area of 65th closing for jet grouting will NOT reopen at night, even though work will not continue at night.

Rebecca October 23, 20137:30 PM

RHS parent question: Decrease truck traffic as school is getting in and out of school?

ST has met with RHS administration already. Main concern was about bus loading, which could be moved elsewhere. Further limitations to muck hauling unlikely, but the situation will be monitored.
Gates will have flaggers if truck drivers need more assistance with getting into traffic.

Rebecca October 23, 20137:27 PM

Concern about 24/7 trucks driving the muck out.

Again, unless ST gives the go-ahead (only in a falling-behind-schedule situation), there will be NO night hauling. Night defined as 10 PM to 7 AM (9 AM on holidays and weekends).

Rebecca October 23, 20137:24 PM

More efficient to go south on Roosevelt Way NE instead of uphill on 12th.

SDOT likely trying to minimize trucks down the heart of the business district.

Rebecca October 23, 20137:19 PM

5 minute truck idle time is too long. Exhaust blowing right into the high school.

5 minutes is the maximum. Inspectors on site to enforce requirements such as these.
Should be no idling along 12th as trucks will be moving out.

Rebecca October 23, 20137:18 PM

Three noise monitoring stations on the site.

Rebecca October 23, 20137:14 PM

Request to move the bike lane off Roosevelt Way NE for the duration of construction. Make a greenway down 5th instead.

SDOT controls the streets; we will look into it.

Rebecca October 23, 20137:12 PM

Plan is TBMs will simultaneously travel from Roosevelt to the U-District Station. So double that truck number.

One TBM (tunnel boring machine) will dig the tunnel down from the Maple Leaf Portal — disassembled and then trucked back up to the portal to dig the other side.

Rebecca October 23, 20137:09 PM

Truck questions.

During the height of tunneling, ST anticipates a truck every five minutes.

1 foot of tunnel = 1 truck of spoils
60-80 feet per day.
6 trucks an hour, one every 10 minutes (the average)

Wheel wash facility that every truck drives over before hitting the street.

Duration of peak tunneling = 14 months.

Rebecca October 23, 20137:04 PM

Roosevelt Way’s new bike lane (and thus one less vehicle lane). Three block back up on this section.

Not an issue with trucks heading from the south as they do not travel that section.

Rebecca October 23, 20137:03 PM

Walls: How fast will you take care of graffiti?
And a concern about the Banner Way intersection potentially becoming a mess.

24-hours on graffiti.
SDOT has not required ST to do any improvements, but it will be monitored, as will the entire truck routes.

Rebecca October 23, 20137:00 PM

Question time!

Rebecca October 23, 20137:00 PM

Next steps.

Neighborhood construction update meetings.
90% Design Open House in the 4th quarter of 2014.
Surface work along the tunnel route starts in 2015.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:58 PM

Business Mitigation Marketing Program.

There’s a brand! Banners up on poles and on the construction walls now. Roosevelt business map coming in November. Wayfinding kiosks coming soon.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:57 PM

Contractor parking.

Off-site parting is required. Contractor required to find parking for their workers. Working to secure about 35 spaces at Calvary for construction managers.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:56 PM

Noise mitigation includes:

Solid plywood wall.
Enclosures for stationary equipment.
No beeping back-up alarms (sound more like that of a duck).
No compression brakes.
Engine idle limit of 5 minutes.
Noise dampening material in muck haul bins.
No night muck hauling, unless approved by ST (like if things are running behind schedule).
Independent monitor on site, monitoring noise levels.
Nighttime noise variance, and an incentive to the contractor to keep nighttime noise below the variance level.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:53 PM

Marketing plan program in place for local businesses. Full-time community outreach staff during construction. 24-hour construction hotline (888-298-2395).

Rebecca October 23, 20136:52 PM

Construction procedures now. 6 years of construction ahead for local residents.

North Seattle getting the light rail late, but benefitting from Sound Transit’s previous experiences building the rest of the line.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:50 PM

Two muck out dump sites, one to the north, one to the south. So SDOT has approved to different routes for trucks traveling to and fro the site. (Map to come.)

Rebecca October 23, 20136:48 PM

Weedin Place will see some utility work as well, to bring more power into the area.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:47 PM

Some water and sewer line replacements ahead, which will close lanes and involve detours. But traffic will continue to flow.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:47 PM

Jet grouting! Pumping grout into the ground to harden it prior to excavation by the tunnel boring machines.

During south entrance jet grouting, 65th will be partially closed in front of the site: No parking in that spot, and lanes will be one in each direction, not two.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:45 PM

The wall shall be GREEN. Input was gathered from businesses, residents, and taking into account the high school’s colors.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:44 PM

66th and 67th are closed to regular traffic, as are some sidewalks along those streets. Sidewalks and parking along the west side of 12th soon to go, as well as parking on Roosevelt between 66th and 67th. Will return, I believe.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:43 PM

Construction walls going up soon, in phases. Range in height form 12-16 feet. 12-foot sections along 65th and part of 12th.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:42 PM

Review of work to date: Salvage of materials from buildings that were removed, and historic bits kept (Standard Radio sign, for instance) for future use at the station.

Overhead utilities relocated, and gas line work done, through contractors.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:40 PM

Station design is on hold, to choose the contractor for the station. That now accomplished, the station design piece will resume. 90% Design Open House around a year from now.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:39 PM


Rebecca October 23, 20136:37 PM

General overview of construction at the site over the next 12 months. However, things can change rapidly, and residents are encouraged to sign up for construction alerts to stay up-to-date. (I’ll find that info and post it above when I find it.)

Rebecca October 23, 20136:35 PM

JCM is the contractor. Representatives are here tonight.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:34 PM

Starting now. Upwards of 40 people here. Including Mr. Hugh Sisley himself.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:31 PM

Anyway, presentation to start soon. That was just open house talk.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:30 PM

Important to remember that the tall vents above the Roosevelt Station are not just supplying air for the station below, but also through the connecting tunnels. (Disclaimer: I am rather partial to air.)

Rebecca October 23, 20136:29 PM

The footprint of the station is very long and skinny. Entire old QFC block will be 85-foot TOD after the station is finished. Any TOD that could have been placed above the station would not have been financially smart, says Sound Transit. Makes financial sense for the University District Station, whose station is in a better configuration for overbuilding.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:24 PM

Overheard a couple locals complaining about the coming parking-mageddon. And still more complaints about the lack of transit-oriented development over the top of the station. And how ugly the towers are.

Rebecca October 23, 20136:22 PM

Fun fact: AT&T reception (iPad) MUCH better than T-Mobile reception (iPhone) in the Roosevelt High School Commons. So no pictures for you until after the event.


  1. Andres Salomon says:

    Thanks for the reporting! I couldn’t make it, was too busy plotting Greenwaymageddon.

    How would a greenway on 5th look? I’m guessing it would take Weedin across I-5, which puts you right back into the construction zone. Is there something I’m missing?

  2. Roosevelt Dad says:

    I am so glad you werre able to make this important meeting. I wanted to go, but until they have child care… The implications of this project are gonna be huge, and for a long time. My son will be a junior or senior at Roosevelt before this thing is finished.
    If I understand correctly, tandem dump trucks (up to 80 a day, from 7am-10pm) will head north on 12th Ave NE, go left on 75th St., then head to I-5? This will continue for 5-6 years. Did I miss anything? Also, was there an odor of brimstone in the vicinity of Mr. Sisley?

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  5. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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