Roosevelt Station Construction Update Open House (LIVE COVERAGE)

The buildings on the Roosevelt Light Rail Station construction site are no more, and it’s time to talk next steps with the neighborhood.

Sound Transit is holding a construction update open house tonight, Tuesday, January 29, in the Roosevelt High School Library (1410 NE 66th St) from 6-8 PM (presentation begins at 6:30 PM).

From the Northgate Link Extension update (via email):

Sound Transit is hosting an open house on Jan. 29 to discuss details of:

  • Utility work planned in 2013 and early 2014
  • Update on other construction work
  • Promoting the local business district

Seattle City Light staff will also be on hand to answer questions about upcoming power line and pole work.

You can find more information about the Roosevelt Station here.

We will be at tonight’s meeting, and will be reporting on it LIVE right here.

UPDATE (Wednesday): Unfortunately, none of our one-and-a-half hours of presentation notes were save in the post! However, Sound Transit has emailed us a PDF of the presentation slides (click on the picture below to download).

Roosevelt Station Construction Open House presentation (2.8 PDF)

Roosevelt Station Construction Open House presentation (click to download the 2.8 MB PDF)

Rebecca January 29, 20137:41 PM

When the presentation portion comes available online, we will post it here. Thanks for following along!

Rebecca January 29, 20137:40 PM

Question time over! Open house going on for 20 more minutes.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:37 PM

Call the construction hotline in the middle of the night and…a LIVE person will answer. And relay concerns to the site within 15 minutes. (That time a general rule-of-thumb.)

Rebecca January 29, 20137:33 PM

About 60 people in attendance, btw.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:32 PM

Expected frequency of truck traffic? One truck every five minutes during peak hauling. (And that truck, I believe, is hauling two loads, one by trailer.)

Rebecca January 29, 20137:31 PM

Nighttime noise variance appeal hearing scheduled for March 12.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:28 PM

Semi-permeable clothes installed under drains, which helps the water but causes clogs on top due to debris. ST keep an eye on them, to help prevent mini-lakes.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:25 PM

Cleaner Diesel engines? Oaks? Contractor required to meet state and local requirements. Scarlet oaks to come down later this year.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:24 PM

Question about why trucks are using neighborhood streets (12th) and not 65th. Endlich: SDOT makes the call and requested this route.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:23 PM

Looking at truck routes now, to and from the Roosevelt Station site. I-5 is close, thankfully. Trucks will be covered.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:21 PM

Boring machine from Maple Leaf Portal will be extracted from the Roosevelt Station and relaunched to dig the second tunnel. Muck for both will be trucked out of the Portal location.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:18 PM

Electrical outages: They try to do commercial outages at night and residential during the day.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:17 PM

Water service interruption? SPU staff: New lines built first. Less than half a day interruption, for 1-2 hours in the daytime. Affected customers will be notified.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:16 PM

Question time now. When will construction wall go up/down? End of this summer, dependent on contractor. Down as station is finished.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:14 PM

Next steps: Marketing plan for the business district, and 90% station design open house in 2014.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:12 PM

On-site staff member to be contacted through the community outreach folks after a call has come in over the construction hotline.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:11 PM

Reducing impacts to neighbors: Communicate oncoming events, apply lessons from earlier projects, maintain an attractive construction wall, promote the local business district, 24-hour construction hotline (888-298-2395), ST seeking construction parking near site, off-street. And a staff member is on-site at all times.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:07 PM

Five minute idle limits on trucks.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:06 PM

Further update (in response to feedback and other project experience): Now, no nighttime hauling of muck from tunneling, and no secant pile wall construction (holds the walls up as excavation occurs) past 7 PM. Both unless approved by ST.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:04 PM

Nighttime noise variance sought to shorten the time of construction of the station.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:03 PM

Nighttime noise variance update. City’s decision to approve the variance (in November 2012) has been appealed. ST in appeals process now, outcome not known at this time. Neighbor initiated the appeal.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:01 PM

LOTS of questions from the crowd about parking mitigation. For locals, and staff and students of the high school. Basically: There is none.

Rebecca January 29, 20137:01 PM

Street closures during excavation, tunneling and station construction from 2013-2019 will be limited to 66th and 67th between 12th and Roosevelt. Some sidewalks will be closed along 12th and Roosevelt during this period as well.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:58 PM

Jet grounding will also take place on 67th at 12th and occur in all lanes. Should take three months, and parking will not be available in this area during this work.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:57 PM

Jet grounding has to do with firming up the ground before tunneling begins.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:55 PM

Jet grounding to start in late 2013 and take approx three months. Traffic on 65th will be affected: Two lanes (one each way) in the current eastbound lanes as jet grounding occurs in the current westbound lanes.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:53 PM

Exact times for work to start are not known as of yet. However, all this utility work will be done during normal construction (daytime) hours.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:52 PM

Water and sewer line relocation/upgrades to happen late-2013 to mid-2014 and will take around 4 months. Traffic will be maintained on the arterials of 12th and 66th, but there will be interruptions, like with all the other relocations.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:50 PM

Short-term said to be one or two hours.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:50 PM

There is potential short-term interruption for Comcast service, electricity, and a few interruptions to CenturyLink services.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:49 PM

Gas line work around the constriction site is projected to only take a month, sometime between now and July. Temporary sidewalk parking, and lane closures expected.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:47 PM

Weedin Pl NE between 66th and 68th will have 4-6 months of utility undergrounding work ahead of it. Traffic will be maintained, but there will be temporary sidewalk, parking, or lane closures.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:42 PM

Representative from Seattle City Light (SCL) going over some details now.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:40 PM

Showing a map now of the areas to be affected by the utility work. Temporary sidewalk, parking, lane closures. Customers will be contacted by the utilities.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:38 PM

Gas lines will also be relocated, and unused lines will be capped.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:38 PM

Demo and clean-up of the Roosevelt Station site happening now. Utility work to begin soon, go through mid-2013. SCL will upgrade overhead power lines, install new poles, and relocate. Comcast and CenturyLink will also be relocating lines during this time.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:37 PM

Tunneling order: Roosevelt to UW Station, then Northgate Portal to Roosevelt.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:36 PM

Going over the timeline. Excavation should begin at the end of this year, and last four years.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:33 PM

Ellen Blair, ST Community Outreach giving the overview of the system. The start of every meeting. It’s like the Sound Transit Flag Salute.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:32 PM

Ron Endlich, Northgate Link Extension Deputy Project Manager introducing other Sound Transit staff.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:31 PM

A few notorious persons in attendance: A few good men from the Seattle Transit Blog, and Hugh Sisley himself.

Rebecca January 29, 20136:30 PM

Hello! Live in the RHS Library now and the presentation portion is about to start.


  1. Looking forward to a recap of last night’s Roosevelt Station open house. Updates soon?

  2. Thanks for getting those slides up!

    • Thank YOU so much for bringing the complete lack of notes to my attention the next morning!

      I’m still planning on writing a bit of a summary, highlighting the concerns of those in attendance. I’ll put out the word when those are up (hopefully this weekend).

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