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You’ve grown to depend on the Ravenna Blog for the freshest local news in the Ravenna neighborhood replica watchesnurture future coverage in Northeast Seattle.>


Ravenna Blog Publisher/Editor/Writer Rebecca Nelson (far right) with members of the Ravenna Blog News Team, the Ravenna Blog Action News Van, and kale.


If you’re a Ravenna Blog reader, consider using some of your own green to help support the work of the site.

1. Reoccurring support

The most common costs for the site are reoccurring costs: Wireless data plan, hosting, and comment spam filter are a few examples. Consider “subscribing” to the site fake watch, at a level that works for you.

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2. Flat donation

Compost (one-time, anytime donation)

Instant support, greatly appreciated. Tell us who you are, or give anonymously.

3. Swag

The store is down for the time being. We are looking for a replacement!

We’ve got a t-shirt! Should appeal to local readers of the site as well as parking strip food growers across Seattle.

Kale_shirt1 Kale_shirt5 Kale_shirt_youth1
Unisex for all! Ladies for the ladies! Youth sizes for the kids!

Helvetica…FOUR different kale varieties…ampersands…what’s not to love?

Look at various styles and sizes (unisex, ladies, and youth) at our Ravenna Blog Swag store.

4. Advertise

Have a business in the Ravenna neighborhood, or the greater Northeast Seattle area? Consider advertising on the Ravenna Blog.

The Ravenna Blog averages 10,700 page views and 4,500 unique visitors a month (last calculated in April 2014). Let’s introduce you.

Past support has helped pay for:

2014 funding needs include:

  • Reoccurring monthly data plan and site hosting costs;
  • Zoom lens for the DSLR we use for breaking news and event coverage;
  • Another local sponsorship opportunity (such as sponsoring a little league team in our area);
  • More professional development (such as a course in photography);
  • Child care costs (the “interns” are enthusiastic, but not very helpful when it comes to getting posts written!)


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