Suspect arrested in Noll shooting (UPDATES, PHOTOS)

Friday morning, September 21, Seattle Police Department homicide detectives arrested a man suspected of the road rage shooting death of Yancy Noll on August 31.

From the SPD Blotter:

Acting on a tip, SWAT officers and Homicide detectives served a warrant at a home in north Seattle early Friday morning—less than a mile from where Noll was shot and killed—and arrested a 30 year old suspect in the shooting.

The post goes on to say that detectives are withholding the suspect’s name until his first appearance in court.

Thank you to Adam Merrill for the heads-up.

UPDATE (2:48 PM): Capitol Hill Seattle has a few more details about the arrest and the suspect.

UPDATE (4:22 PM): We drove by the area where the suspect was arrested, and took the following pictures:


More news vans parked along 25th Ave NE, south of the suspect’s home.


More news vans parked across the street from the suspect’s home.


Camera equipment set up in front of the suspect’s home.

UPDATE (4:34 PM): A friend of Yancy Noll’s, whom we happened to meet at the scene, emailed us a link to KIRO 7’s story about the arrest. Within the article is a picture of a BMW Z4 convertible being removed from the suspect’s house.

Screenshot of KIRO 7’s page on the arrest of the suspect. Click to visit the site.


UPDATE (5:05 PM): The Seattle Times names the suspect, and provides more details about the investigation.

UPDATE (Saturday, September 22, 10:27 PM): The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s office webpage posted yesterday that the suspect will make his first court appearance today, as early as 1 PM, in Courtroom 1 of the King County Jail. He is being held without bail.


  1. h_clarkston says:

    It’s rather chilling that the suspect lived so close to the scene, a park and a school.

    Also, it doesn’t help the suspect’s case that he was a proficient marksman:

    This was his own video of him placing first last year at a Turkey Shoot, sobering in retrospect:

    Not trying to draw an association to the lawful use of firearms, which that event was. But he had a responsibility to not use a firearm in a road rage incident, that’s all.

  2. RIP Yancy Noll and the virginity of Dinh Bowman’s derriere.


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