“A Day of Remembrance” at Meadowbrook Pond, all day today

Today marks the ten-year anniversary of an event that none of us can ever forget.


For a couple of weeks now, television, radio, the Internet, media of all shades and stripes have been running pieces looking back at that day, what has happened since, and where things are now.

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it too overwhelming. However, thanks to the Meadowbrook Advisory Council and Seattle Parks and Recreation, for those of us who may want to commemorate this day in a more quiet and personal way, we have another option.

“A Day of Remembrance and Service to Others” is happening today, Sunday, September 11, 2011, at Meadowbrook Pond (NE 107th St and 35th Ave NE).


From the press release:

The public is invited to Meadowbrook Pond any time on Sunday, from dawn to dusk, to walk the paths, find a place for quiet contemplation or meet neighbors. There will be several interactive displays and thoughtful prompts to help people reflect and also look to the future. It has been said that the best way to remember those who died on 911 is to “Live, love and laugh in their honor.”

Meadowbrook Pond offers a beautiful setting that will allow people to remember the tragedy and how we can live our lives in the best way possible from here on.

Another way to honor people is to use this day as a day to do something for others–something for the community or the environment on this day that is also known as Patriot Day.