Welcome our newest ad partner, Blossoming Buds Cottage

Say hello to the Ravenna Blog’s newest ad partner, Blossoming Buds Cottage!

In November 2004, Tristan Christophilis opened her Blossoming Buds Preschool in the basement of a house in the Laurelhurst neighborhood. The program and educational philosophy of the school proved to be quite popular and successful, and in January 2007, the preschool moved to its current larger location in Bryant (4706 35th Ave NE).

Then in July 2009, a sister facility to the preschool was opened in Wedgwood: Blossoming Buds Cottage (7501 35th Ave NE).

The Cottage shares the same education goals and standards as the preschool, with the added bonus of being a flexible, drop-in style preschool. At Blossoming Buds Cottage, students may attend two-, three-, or four-hour blocks. Every day is broken up into a predictable schedule (ex. story and meet and greet time followed by snacks followed by art) that parents can depend on, but the activities and themes change from day-to-day and month-to-month.

Blossoming Buds Cottage also has other services and events available throughout the year:

  • Semimonthly “Date Nights” – Kids spend a four-hour block playing, eating pizza and watching a G-rated movie while their parents are enjoying some quality kid-free time.
  • Open for afternoon home Husky games – Open approximately one hour before kick-off and up to four hours after the game ends (with a four hour maximum stay).
  • Birthdays or other special events – Two hour blocks of time are available on weekends, and various party packages are available.

My three-year-old son has been attending about once a week since January, and loves it. I love the flexible schedule, and my precious block of time down at the Starbucks (with the wifi). And the staff could not be nicer and care more for my child.

For more information on Blossoming Buds Cottage, click on their ad to the right, or visit blossomingbudscottage.com.