Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center Operations Meeting (Live Blog)

Once again (newest Ravenna Blog staff member willing), we will be live blogging a public meeting here — in this case, the community center operations meeting for the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center 6535 Ravenna Ave NE).

The meeting starts at 7 PM. If you cannot make it to the meeting yourself (information on the meeting here), simply load up this post in a web browser around meeting start time. We’ll be sharing with you the highlights in the box below.

And if you ARE following along here at the time of the meeting, feel free to play around with the interface above. There are ways to chat back with us/ask questions when the event is live. And don’t worry — you can’t break it.

Last of the NE Seattle community center public meetings this week

The last of the public meetings about community center operations in Northeast Seattle are all happening this week:

Northgate Community Center (10510 5th Ave NE), Tuesday, November 8 at 7 PM

Meadowbrook Community Center (10517 35th Ave NE), Wednesday, November 9 at 7 PM

Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center (6535 Ravenna Ave NE), Wednesday, November 9 at 7 PM

From the press release:

Parks and Recreation is holding public meetings to hear from communities about what activities and hours they would like to see at their nearest community center, consistent with the proposal in the Mayor’s proposed 2012 budget that would set up geographical groups of community centers whose staff would work together to provide services to that geographic area of the city.

The agenda for these meetings, from a letter from Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center’s coordinator, Trevor Gregg, is as follows:

• Talk with Parks and Recreation staff and neighbors about your ideas to build community relationships
• Help Parks and Recreation identify programs and services that are efficient and relevant for those living in the Ravenna-Eckstein community
• Work together with Parks and Recreation to identify potential operating hours for Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center in 2012
• Share your voice and personal vision/ideas with others

All community members, stakeholders and partners are encouraged to attend. Child care and light snacks are provided at each site.

For an idea of how these meetings are run and what gets discussed, visit My Green Lake‘s post about the Green Lake Community Center operations public meeting on October 18.

For more information about the community center operations analysis to date, visit the Seattle Parks and Recreation website here.

You can find our own summary of one of the original community center operation meetings (June 15) here.