Roosevelt Station Construction Open House Presentation

And now Part 2 to our Roosevelt Station Construction Open House coverage: The presentation slides themselves!

Click the Light Rail train above to view the presentation (3.6 MB PDF).

Highlights include information such as:

  • A 24-hour construction hotline number, manned by an actual person!
  • An open-to-the-public plant salvage event in early 2012 on the site of the townhouses.
  • Information on noise mitigation and lighting.
  • Probable routes for trucks entering and leaving the site.
  • Timelines for the whole project, and the next steps in the coming year.

There was also an animation of the construction site in the presentation and playing on a loop on a laptop among the open house information materials. While it is missing from the presentation above (but will be available later on the North Link Project website, here is a static glimpse of what it looks like:

If after reading over the presentation you have questions, the last slide includes contact information.

Around 100 people attended the Roosevelt Station Construction Open House on Thursday, November 3 at Roosevelt High School.

You can still access our Roosevelt Station Construction Open House Coverage: Part 1 (the live blog) here.