Add to the burglary deterrent list: SNOW

Two great crime deterrents that go great together

Maple Leaf Life beat us to the story, but we think it’s worth mentioning again: The map of property crimes during the recent snows is a good un’:

Property crime map for our area from November 21 through 27 (via Seattle Crime). Blue dots represent property crime activity prior to the snowfall.

But tomorrow is another day, and that day is a snow-less Monday. With most of the burglaries in our area happening during daylight hours during the week, it’s time to get back into our crime deterrent habits:

  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Leave some lights on to look as though someone is home (the sun goes down now at 4 pm, remember?)
  • If you’ve got an alarm system, ARM IT
  • If you see something suspicious, CALL IT IN (Seattle Police non-emergency number is (206) 625-5011)
  • Take your valuables out of your underwear drawer and put them in your bread drawer (or somewhere else just as unguessable)