Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center to CLOSE [correction]

UPDATE (Tuesday, May 24, 10:25 AM): I was told by Ravenna-Eckstein CC staff last night that the work plan for the building has changed. The floors will remain as they are, but work will be done on the building’s walls and ceilings (including the gym’s ceiling).

Regardless of the work being done, the center will still be closed from May 30 through June 12.

We regret the error.


Starting next week and continuing into June, the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center (6535 Ravenna Ave NE) will be closed while the wood floors are refinished.


Between May 30 and June 12, the wooden floors of both the multipurpose room (pictured) and the gym will be refinished as a part of the regular maintenance of the facility.

The center is scheduled to reopen on Monday, June 13.

If you have a class regularly scheduled to meet during this time, please contact your instructor or the community center (684-7534) for more information about rescheduling.

During a quick walk-through of the facility this morning, I saw one notice of relocation posted: Miss Chloe’s dance classes will be moved to the Laurelhurst Community Center (4553 41st Ave NE) on June 1, 3, 8 and 10.



PARENTS: If you’ve got small ones in the house as I do, you may have seen the title of this post and panicked a bit. Have any ideas of where to tucker out our tykes during the closure? Especially if the weather still isn’t cooperating? Please share your leads in the comments!

A ‘State of the RECC’ from Coordinator Trevor Gregg

UPDATE (3:29pm): My Green Lake has some additional information about a few of the classes that will be either shifting from Green Lake Community Center to the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center or will be canceled altogether (from Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Acting Superintendent Christopher Williams):

  • Creative Dance at Green Lake will MOVE to Ravenna-Eckstein
  • Private music lessons and Hula at Green Lake will be CANCELED


So far *knocks on wood*, the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center (6535 Ravenna Avenue NE) has fared much better in the city’s budget than its two community center neighbors in Green Lake and Laurelhurst: No cuts seem to be in the works for our neighborhood’s facility. In fact, things just might be getting a LOT busier.

Trevor Gregg, Coordinator of the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center

I talked to Ravenna-Eckstein’s Coordinator, Trevor Gregg, on Friday about the budget and what changes may be coming to his center:

The final budget will be announced on November 22.  I know folks in the community are very anxious to know the final budget’s impacts, as are we.

In the meantime, Ravenna staff are making every attempt to help our neighboring community centers during this tough budget year: We are working Laurelhurst and Green Lake staff to find a home at Ravenna for those programs that may be displaced.

Classes from nearby community centers that Trevor says Ravenna-Eckstein could potentially absorb include:

  • From Green Lake Community Center: Qigong, Piano Lessons, Hawaiian Hula Dance and Tai Chi
  • From Laurelhurst Community Center: Body Conditioning, Saxophone Instruction, and Flute and Recorder Lessons

Keep your browser tuned to the Ravenna Blog for updates as more information about the final 2010 city budget becomes available.

Trevor and Larry thank you for your time