Another pooch on the loose in Ravenna/Roosevelt/? (Update: FOUND)

UPDATE (August 19): Good news from Matt in the ol’ inbox this morning!

Got him!

A few kids playing soccer at Eckstein Middle School called with the tip, and my wife Susie went and scooped him up.

Thank you to everyone who kept a lookout for Buddy. And three cheers for Eckstein students!


These are, indeed, the dog days of summer: I’ve another lost dog to report.

From reader Matt:

Our dog Buddy ran away from the dog sitter in Ravenna Wednesday evening August 10th. He’s a small (nine pounds), tan and white male Havanese. He has a brown leather collar with tags, and he’s microchipped too. He was last seen bolting north across 65th towards Roosevelt High School. He’s pretty timid, so please don’t chase if you see him.

If you see him, please call 954-7260.

Black Great Dane on the loose! (Update: FOUND)

UPDATE (1:15PM): Rainey has been found!

Via email from Erika:

Whew.. Just want to let you know that we found her up near the Maple Leaf Reservoir a little while ago. Thanks again for your help!

If you kept an eye peeled for this dog at all once she took off last night, that Thank You is for YOU.


From reader Erika:

Our wonderful black Great Dane bolted from our house on 24th and 75th at 5:30, heading south toward Ravenna. Her name is Rainey, she has tags, but is fairly nervous and not too approachable by strangers. Just a sensitive girl, not aggressive.

If you see Rainey, please call Erika at 802-4111.