A lost white cat appears! Is he yours? (UPDATE)

UPDATE (Tuesday, December 13): We’ve just heard the good news from Anthony (via email): “Just an update, we got in touch with the owners of the white cat last night! He is from a home around 56th and 12th. Thank you again so much for posting that on the blog!”


Readers Anthony and Julia may have found your lost kitty (via email, emphasis ours):

We were just opening the door to leave the apartment and the crafty little guy just snuck inside! We’re on the 1300 block of NE Ravenna [Blvd], so just across from Cowen Park. He’s an all-white adult male, extremely curious and friendly to humans, which leads us to believe he might belong to someone (no collar or microchip, however). We think he may have been missing for a while because he was a bit dirty and had a minor infection around one of his eyes. I have attached a photo that we took. We had to take him into the Seattle Animal Shelter, because our lease doesn’t allow for pets, but we really want to find his owners who must miss him very much!


Anthony and Julia live in the neighborhood nexus of the Ravenna, Roosevelt, and University District neighborhoods, so Lost White Kitty could be from any one of those.

Lost dog in aisle 3: Pooch found near Trader Joe’s [HAPPY UPDATE]

UPDATE (Saturday, 12:27PM): Just received word from Patrick that the cute pooch’s owner has been found!

I wanted everyone to know that through the power of technology (microchip inserted in the dog), the internet and all of your participation we were able to reunite the dog we found with its owner (in less than 24 hours!)

Good work, everyone.


Missing anything?


My wife and I just found a small male dog down near the Roosevelt Trader Joe’s [4555 Roosevelt Way NE] at 4pm Friday 13th. He had no collar but is clearly someone’s pet. He’s well mannered and responds to people.

If this is your dog, or you know who he belongs to, contact me at rebecca@ravennablog.com. I’ll put you in contact with the kind folks who’ve picked up your pooch.

Thank you to Patrick for the email and the picture.

P.S. This is Patrick. He’s an artist. I am really enjoying looking at his work.

Missing a part of your frozen flock?

A lost chicken has been found around 26th Avenue NE and NE 62nd Street!

If you live in that area, check your flock! If you’re down one hen, contact me and I’ll pass along the fowl finder’s information.

Lost White Ferret APB – More info (sort of)

White ferret mug shot (approximate)

If you live near 27th Avenue NE between NE 65th and 60th Streets, be on the lookout for a LOST WHITE FERRET.

Varmint last seen approximately here

Any leads? Contact me here (rebecca [at] ravennablog.com), in the comments below, and/or the twitter feed (twitter.com/RavennaBlog).

Thanks to Nazila for the tip.

UPDATE: More info from a craigslist post:

HALEN got out in the morning on Friday, 10/8. She was last seen on 27th Ave NE. She is albino and about 2 pounds. She is very friendly and curious and will come up to you if she sees you. She won’t bite.

If you have any information, please call Molly at [see below].

I found the post through EveryBlock, but it has since been deleted.  I’m leaving off the contact phone number until I hear back from my source*.


*Yeah, I have a #lostwhiteferretwatch2010 source. U MAD?