Are you missing a cat?

It's a boy, and BOY is he hungry!

Hot out of the inbox:
Could you post this on the Ravenna blog?  We were found by this cat (see photos) who keeps trying to walk into our house, so he’s clearly tame. I am sure his owner must miss him very much.  he was found wandering on Park Road, near Ravenna Blvd and 20th Street, last Thursday.  Thanks so much.

He looks very cuddly, yes?

He has a large gray patch on his face, and two gray patches on each side, and is very friendly.  If you are missing him, please call or email me, and I can get him back to you. Please forward around the various neighborhood lists as needed — he needs to go back home!
T Sconyers
neighborhood cat magnet
If Party Cloudy here (that’s what I’ve decided to name him) is yours, please contact Cat Magnet T at tracey.sconyers [at] or 523-1225.
We here at Ravenna Blog would love to post any happy reunion photos, should they occur. Let us know.