Hey, Ravenna (and Roosevelt) neighbors: Let’s all go to a ballgame!

Happy Neighbor Appreciation Day, neighbor.

Without you, the Ravenna Blog would not exist! There’d be no one to send in questions and news tips to report on, no one to read the posts, and no one to talk to in the comments. So, thanks for being here.

As a thank you for being my neighbors, I would like to purpose some summer fun: LET’S ALL GO TO A MARINERS GAME TOGETHER.

This is not a fundraiser of any type — it is a community FUN raiser; a chance to hang out with each other and enjoy a baseball game together.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. We’ll vote on which of two games the most people can attend (see below).
  2. We team up with our neighbors next door in Roosevelt so we can get a REALLY big group together, which means…
  3. The Mariners will assign us a Group Manager to handle all the ticket sales.
  4. Tickets will go on sale a couple months out from the game date, and can be purchased online through the Mariners website, with a special discount code.
  5. We show up to the game, have a good time, and see OUR NEIGHBORHOODS ON THE SCOREBOARD during the Group Welcome inning¹.

But before we can reserve a section for our neighborhoods, we have to decide on a date.

Mariners Game Poll²

Don’t worry about whether or not you are sure you can attend either of these dates: I am looking to find out which of these two dates would work for most people.

The following poll will be open until noon on Monday, February 21st. One vote per household, please.

Have questions? Want to express your love of (or concern for) this idea? Let me know in the comments!


¹ This is sort of what spawned the whole idea: “MARINERS WELCOME THE NE SEATTLE NEIGHBORHOOD OF RAVENNA.”

² Here’s how I came to choose these particular dates:

  • Good weather is more likely to happen AFTER mid-July, hence the July 31 and August 27 dates.
  • Visiting teams are not teams we see in town all the time (like the Texas Rangers or the Oakland A’s).
  • There is an evening game and a day game to choose from, as well as a Saturday and a Sunday.
  • Only two choices to make it easier for people to choose.