Twitter Feed Round-Up for August 14

Ack! It’s been a while. Time for another Ravenna Blog Twitter Feed Round-Up.

[If you can’t understand why people find twitter to be so fascinating/addicting, I made a comment last night about seeing lots of police cars go by on NE 75th St, and then watched the whole Wedgwood QFC shooting story unfold, in near real time, on twitter. Beat that, local TV news.]

Most recent at the top:

  • Sand Point @MetMarket now carrying California Olive Ranch olive oil. As local an olive oil as you can get, for now. #climatechange
  • There’s also a depressing University Link Light Rail Countdown Clock. 2268 days, 15 hours, 46 minutes and counting. Oy.
  • The @seatransitblog post on PSRC funding recommendations includes a pic of the Roosevelt Light Rail Station:
  • You CAN download an “I vote!” icon, however. They know you miss that sticker.
  • Ballots need to be in the MAIL by tomorrow: No drop-offs at Neighborhood Service Centers. Can’t tweet your choices to @kcnews, either.
  • Eight chickens for everyone! As long as they’re ≥10 feet from primary residential structures, and aren’t boys.
  • Recycle week. Yay.
    Seattle can drop trash to every other week as long as recycling becomes weekly.
  • @sallybagshaw is now following us. Triple word score! #harassingnewestfollower
  • Also, NE 45th St Viaduct Project: the flickr set –
  • SDOT Update: 22nd Ave NE to NE 45th St to reopen by Saturday! SDOT still on track to reopen the NE 45th St viaduct by September 10!
  • Dahl Park Wading Pool closes for the year on Thursday, August 19th (last day). “But MOOOOOM (and @SeattleParks) – Summer just started!”
  • Story on @Crosscut about Sisleyville and development – Roosevelt’s dilemma: How should a neighborhood grow?
  • 50 facebook followers! Number 50 is the guy who needs the garage. Really gotta find him a garage now.
  • McSweeney’s (John Flowers) recommends “The Newspaper” as best e-reader on the market. Hats!
  • Field trip! Gonna ride the light rail to Columbia City, get ourselves some Tutta Bella, South. Can’t wait until 2020 for lunch today.

My personal favorite:

  • Driving by 15th Ave NE & NE 65th St this morning, my TWO-AND-A-HALF YEAR OLD asks when those buildings will be torn down. #Sisleyville