Snow Day #2 in pictures (updated)

Round 2: Some pictures taken on the way to and fro the View Ridge PCC, where my Thanksgiving Turkey was awaiting pick-up.

Fountain of ICE

There’s a house down the street from me with a rather fascinating collection of yard art, among which is this fountain.

You can’t quite see the ice in this still photograph, but let me tell you: Everything but that horizontal jet of water is FROZEN. Can’t wait to see what the fountain looks like tomorrow!

Festive flora

These are a couple of savvy sledders at about NE 68th St and 28th Ave NE. Note the presence of helmets, keeping their noggins both warm AND safe.

Northeast Library

"It's STILL fall!" they shouted, as we walked past.

Headed back home, with turkey in tow


Round 1: Just back from a brief walk-about. Here are some of my pictures.

East-bound NE 65th St, in front of The Herbalist

Close-up of NE 65th St - bare and wet on the roadway most traveled

There’s a lot of side streets in this part of Ravenna that make for great sledding. And I would consider NE 68th Street as it crosses 20th Avenue NE to be the biggest and best.

Downward and west-bound, and sliding through NE 68th St and 20th Ave NE

But in order to slide it safely, you need a couple of responsible-types to stand on 20th to hold traffic.

Guard Number 1, for north-bound traffic on 20th Ave NE

Guard Number 2, watching for south-bound traffic on 20th Ave NE

The snow-covered hilly streets around here are a pain for drivers, but perfect for snow days like today.  And, on a personal note, I just love seeing everyone coming out to play, and keeping it safe for everyone.

Yard waste bin sledding "marker" at NE 70th St and 21st Ave NE (looking west)

I saw a few of these on my walk as well: Big plastic bins or tubs in the center of intersections, at the bottoms of sledding hills.  Definitely not as safe as having an actual person looking out for traffic, though.

WIN a pumpkin the size of a VERY LARGE PUMPKIN

Want to WIN the Mother of All Halloween Decorations?

Giganto-Gourd could be YOURS!

The View Ridge PCC (6514 40th Ave NE) is having a Guess the Weight and WIN contest for this unholy beast of a pumpkin.

I asked one of the produce guys how the winner was expected to lug this bad boy home, and he assured me that the store would be of assistance in that area (the manager used his own truck last year, apparently).

Then the produce guy asked me what my guess was. And I told him. And he said I didn’t need to worry about lugging it all the way to my house this year. Drat.

But for bad guessers like myself, there is another option!

Only 39 cents a pound! BARGAIN.

Just like the BUY IT NOW feature on eBay, there are a couple of these beauties, nearly as big, available for purchase. Sixty-seven bucks isn’t too bad for a pumpkin the size of a large dog, is it? And don’t get me started on that gorgeous color.

I ended up not getting any, actually. I grew three pie pumpkins in my p-patch plot this year, and I intend to carve them all up…right after I’ve made them into PIE.


This was more of a silly post than an informative post. Did you enjoy it? Should I do more? Would YOU like to write one? DISCUSS, in the comments.