A local burglary report you won’t mind reading

I just was doing my Neighborhood News Site Duty by looking at the latest property crime reports, when I see one for the 6200 block of 23rd Avenue NE on October 31st.

Oh, NOT ANOTHER ONE, I think to myself.

And then I read the report.

Here’s my summary:

Officer is dispatched to the home on Sunday, October 31st. Homeowner tells the officer that a laptop computer and two remote controls have been missing from the house since the evening of October 28th. No forced entry was found, but homeowner had been leaving a side door unlocked while repairs were being done inside.  Officer provides a case number, makes the report, and leaves.

Officer is contacted a short time later by wife of previously mentioned homeowner: Items were not stolen, but placed elsewhere in the house.


I thought with all the recent burglaries, we all might appreciate this particular one.


Here’s the info on the Crime Prevention Meeting being held on Tuesday, November 16th.

On a related note, Roosiehood and the Ravenna Blog will have some news a little later about a crime prevention meeting for our neighborhoods taking place in a couple weeks. STAY TUNED.