S. Germany comes to Ravenna – Heidelberg Haus menu revealed!


We’ve been doing “drive-by tweets” of Heidelberg Haus progress (2122 NE 65th St) for a few weeks now, but today we have something even better…

…the MENU.

Heidelberg Haus menu (click to make FULL SIZE)

WE were SO excited to see the offerings that we forgot to ask about an opening date. Please forgive us. We’ll try and rectify that error tomorrow.

There is a website for the new restaurant listed on the menu (Seattle-Eats-German.com), but it’s not alive as of yet.

Taverna MaZi, now open!

While those in West Ravenna wait for the new German restaurant to open, those in East Ravenna and Bryant can enjoy the new Greek restaurant, Taverna MaZi (3426 NE 55th St) today.


Would you like to see the menu? Or perhaps the drink list?

Eater Seattle has a post up with more information about both the food and the people behind Taverna MaZi (click on the picture below to read it).


Vandalism hits Ravenna restaurant Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (corrections)

Correction: The vandalism occurred between the evening of Tuesday, March 1st and the morning of Wednesday, March 2nd. We regret the error.

Local Italian restaurant (and Ravenna Blog advertiser) Casa D’Italia Market & Cafe (2615 NE 65th Street)  was vandalized sometime between Monday the night of Tuesday, March 1st (after the cook went home), and Tuesday Wednesday morning, March 2nd, when an alert neighbor noticed the damage and called 911.

From an email with Casa D’Italia owner Angeli Donatone:

[W]e were vandalized [Tuesday Wednesday] am. A neighbor called 911 to report the damage early (6am-ish) [that] morning. Our large front window had a cinder block thrown thru it, as did a basement window. The  front door was shattered, although had safety glass.  One of the large wine barrels on 27th was tipped over. What a mess!

If anyone happened to be around the restaurant at the time the damage occurred, and has any information to share, contact the restaurant or call the Seattle Police Department’s non-emergency number (625-5011).

Broken pane of glass replaced by plexiglass temporarily.

Harissa Mediterranean Cuisine to open this Thursday

Less than two weeks after the previous tenant, Himalayan Kitchen, shut its doors, the restaurant space at 2255 NE 65th Street is (nearly) ready to open to customers once again.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Harissa Mediterranean Cuisine.

I talked with Harissa’s front-of-the-house man, Denzel, this afternoon about the new restaurant, and the food (Lebanese, by chef and owner Walid Alabtan), and he’s very excited. One might say he’s giddy.

They are celebrating the grand opening weekend with a 2-for-1 special (bring the flyer to redeem the deal; good through Sunday, November 7th). They’ve canvassed my part of the neighborhood already, but if you haven’t yet received your flyer, Denzel said to stop by the restaurant tomorrow, after 11 am, to pick one up.

Harissa will be open for lunch and dinner, Tuesdays through Sundays, from 11:30am-10:30pm.

Oh, and, would you like to see a menu?

Click on the image to open it to full size (big file)

Denzel said that they’re happy do to-go orders, but to please give the restaurant at least a 30 minute lead time, especially this first week. The phone number is (206) 588-0650.

Beer and wine will also be available.


UPDATE (Thursday, Nov. 4): Interview post with chef and owner Walid Alabtan is here:” Harissa: A chat with chef and owner Walid Alabtan.”

I hope to speak with chef and owner Walid tomorrow, if he’s available. (As you can imagine, everybody’s pretty busy over there at this time.)

Himalayan Kitchen CLOSED?! (updated)

[UPDATE: Post about new restaurant opening on Thursday, November 4th, in the old Himalayan Kitchen space, is here: “Harissa Mediterranean Cuisine to open this Thursday.”]

Some sad news I accidentally ran across just this morning (on a site about data mining, of all places):

Last night, I visited my friend Sheila, owner of the Himalyan Kitchen [2255 NE 65th St] in Ravenna, Seattle. She told me the sad news that they were going to be closing the doors today (so we managed to have one final meal there).

The Ravenna Blog JUST got take-out from the establishment last Thursday, October 21, and saw no signs then that they would be closing.

We’ve got no official confirmation of the closure yet, but we’ll do some investigating today. Look for an update this afternoon.

As potential eulogy, I offer this review of the Himalayan Kitchen from the Seattle Weekly (August 9, 2010), and this excerpt from it, which really sums up the place for me:

With the monster portions they serve, it’s easy to find yourself sitting in The Himalayan Kitchen for a few hours picking away at your dish, which is totally fine. The restaurant is occupied mainly by families with kids darting between tables and fighting over the free lollipops, which gives the place a lively ambience. Servers treat you like family, telling you to save your rice pudding for last. Also, the background music was something lifted from the soundtrack of a spaghetti western, which is bad-ass. I mean, who wouldn’t want to feel like the High Plains Drifter munching on curry?