Cafe Racer community remembers, and celebrates (PHOTOS)

Last night, as people started to gather at Cafe Racer (5828 Roosevelt Way NE) to mourn and to celebrate, we asked one of our Ravenna neighbors, Steve Sorbo, if he wouldn’t mind heading over there to take some pictures and share the experience. (Steve also worked with us on the Steve Jobs tribute posts last October.)

We are leaving his photo collection here for the neighbors and friends of Cafe Racer who could not be there last night, and to honor those whose lives were lost.

Peace be to their memory.

Full Council vote on the Roosevelt Rezone (LIVE COVERAGE)

On Monday, January 30, at 2 PM, the Seattle City Council will vote on Council Bill 117379, better known as the Roosevelt Residential Urban Village rezone.

We will be watching the live stream (via the Seattle Channel) from Ravenna Blog HQ and covering the action in the space below. Readers may follow along (and make comments) during the live event, or come back later to read our notes. We will also embed the video of the meeting here once it is available.

SPOILER ALERT: The Full Council meeting agenda already includes eight of the nine Councilmembers’ votes (then Council President Conlin was absent from the December 14, 2011 Committee on the Built Environment meeting due to illness).

North Link Light Rail Update includes Roosevelt Station redesigns, more QFC time

Sound Transit’s December North Link Light Rail Project Update arrived our inbox today, and included a few early goodies for our stockings this holiday season.

First, the Roosevelt neighborhood QFC (6600 Roosevelt Way NE) will NOT be closing in January 2012. Due to changes in design and construction plans, Sound Transit was able to extend QFC’s lease to the end of May 2012.

The Project Update email said “[e]xtending the QFC lease will not affect the North Link project schedule,” and we have an updated construction schedule to look forward to in early 2012.

Second, a few changes in the Roosevelt Station design were revealed at the Sound Transit Board’s Capital Committee meeting on December 8. These “recent refinements” include:

  • Reducing the height and footprint of the north and south entrance facilities.
  • Expanding the public plazas bordering Northeast 66th Street to create a sense of place and reinforce opportunities for view corridors and the City of Seattle’s ‘”Green Street” program, which gives priority to pedestrian circulation and open space.
  • Moving and reducing the height of a vent structure at the south entrance to reduce view conflicts with adjacent condominium windows and balconies.

You can view these changes in the station design presentation to the Capital Committee (6.4 MB PDF).

Check out the changes in the design of the North Entrance (in this composite image we put together this afternoon):

North Entrance Design Comparison. The latest station design reveals a much smaller lobby due to overlap with the escalators/stairs, in exchange for a larger outdoor plaza area facing NE 66th Street. Plans from Sound Transit presentations, borders and dates added by Ravenna Blog.

The 60% Design Review Open House will be held sometime in Spring 2012.

A lost white cat appears! Is he yours? (UPDATE)

UPDATE (Tuesday, December 13): We’ve just heard the good news from Anthony (via email): “Just an update, we got in touch with the owners of the white cat last night! He is from a home around 56th and 12th. Thank you again so much for posting that on the blog!”


Readers Anthony and Julia may have found your lost kitty (via email, emphasis ours):

We were just opening the door to leave the apartment and the crafty little guy just snuck inside! We’re on the 1300 block of NE Ravenna [Blvd], so just across from Cowen Park. He’s an all-white adult male, extremely curious and friendly to humans, which leads us to believe he might belong to someone (no collar or microchip, however). We think he may have been missing for a while because he was a bit dirty and had a minor infection around one of his eyes. I have attached a photo that we took. We had to take him into the Seattle Animal Shelter, because our lease doesn’t allow for pets, but we really want to find his owners who must miss him very much!


Anthony and Julia live in the neighborhood nexus of the Ravenna, Roosevelt, and University District neighborhoods, so Lost White Kitty could be from any one of those.

North Link Light Rail update post up at Roosiehood

We’re occasionally known to do a little writing for the site next door in Roosevelt, Roosiehood. Especially when it concerns that subject near and dear to all our hearts: North Link Light Rail*.

Head on over there now to read our latest update on the North Link Light Rail project, including Sound Transit’s potential plans for a new tunnel portal location between Roosevelt and Northgate Stations.

* Roosevelt does get the station, after all.

Occupy-related vandalism hits Roosevelt U.S. Bank branch

The U.S. Bank branch in the Roosevelt neighborhood (1023 NE 63rd St) was the target of Occupy movement-related vandalism in the early morning of Saturday, November 26.

Photo by Dominick DiGregorio/Roosevelt Neighborhood Blog. Used with permission.

Our friends over at Roosiehood have the story (and more pictures).

Should you need to access another U.S. Bank branch in our area, there are four others in Northeast Seattle. Click on the map for location information.

Ravenna Blog Social Media Round-Up, November 13-19

Wherin we get a bridge occupied, a strip club reopened, and continue to wrestle over the name of that light rail station on Brookyn and 45th.

Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center survey needs your input

CLARIFICATION: This survey was created by a community member (who attended the RECC operations meeting on November 9). While this survey is not an official Seattle Parks and Recreation creation, your answers are still much appreciated and will be shared with the staff.


On the heels of last week’s Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center operations meeting comes this survey gauging interest in new programming at the community center.

Whether you use the RECC or you don’t, please take a few minutes to answer the seven questions included in the survey. Future operating and programming hours may depend on it!

Come celebrate BlogsGiving, meet us, and help Northwest Harvest

Hey, neighbor and/or reader! We’d love to meet you. And we’d also love to help out those in need this holiday season.

Why not do BOTH?!

BlogsGiving is a benefit for Northwest Harvest AND a multi-blog meet-up. The event was conceived by the good folks at The SunBreak, the online magazine of news and culture for Seattle.

For this fourth annual BlogsGiving, Roosiehood, My Green Lake, and yours truly badgered talked the SunBreak gang into bringing the fun and fundraising north of the Montlake Cut and into Northeast Seattle*. All in the hopes of meeting you! And helping hunger programs in Washington state, too.

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: YOU stop by Pies and Pints (1215 NE 65th St) between 4 and 7 PM on Saturday, November 19, to meet your local neighborhood internet newsies and/or bloggers, and bring with five bucks or two cans of food for Northwest Harvest (suggested minimum donations). Here’s a list of what Northwest Harvest needs the most.

In return, WE will thank you kindly for your generosity by buying you a drink (alcohol or otherwise). There will also be art supplies for making hand turkey drawings!

Furthermore, if you yourself are a blogger, or have similar internet-type weight to throw around, we invite you to join us on the planning side of the event — which really just involves donating some money for the drinks and meeting your adoring fans. Contact SunBreak editor, Michael van Baker, for details.

If you like, you can let us know you’re attending by RSVPing on the BlogsGiving Facebook page.

Hope to see you there! *gobble, gobble*

* Wallyhood will also be joining us, from the other side of I-5.

Roosevelt Station Construction Open House Presentation

And now Part 2 to our Roosevelt Station Construction Open House coverage: The presentation slides themselves!

Click the Light Rail train above to view the presentation (3.6 MB PDF).

Highlights include information such as:

  • A 24-hour construction hotline number, manned by an actual person!
  • An open-to-the-public plant salvage event in early 2012 on the site of the townhouses.
  • Information on noise mitigation and lighting.
  • Probable routes for trucks entering and leaving the site.
  • Timelines for the whole project, and the next steps in the coming year.

There was also an animation of the construction site in the presentation and playing on a loop on a laptop among the open house information materials. While it is missing from the presentation above (but will be available later on the North Link Project website, here is a static glimpse of what it looks like:

If after reading over the presentation you have questions, the last slide includes contact information.

Around 100 people attended the Roosevelt Station Construction Open House on Thursday, November 3 at Roosevelt High School.

You can still access our Roosevelt Station Construction Open House Coverage: Part 1 (the live blog) here.