Shop Local, and get some good deals this weekend (and beyond)

Attention, Ravenna shoppers: There are only 50 days left until Christmas! (At the time we wrote this, anyway — here’s an updated countdown for you.)

Ho Ho Oh no it's November already! Christmas is COMING.

With that horrifying thought in mind, here are some local business deals and/or events happening this weekend and/or this month.

Ravenna Third Place Books (6504 20th Ave NE): 40% off all used books on Saturday and Sunday! Staff picks are 20% off all month (new books)!

The Shoe Zoo (2920 NE Blakeley St Suite B): Everything in the store is 15% off! There are also some racks of 30% off items!

Roaring Mouse Creative Arts Studio (7526 20th Ave NE): Holiday Gift-Making Camps and Workshops, November 28 through December 18. Classes available include Gift Making ages 4-8, grades K-5, one for parents and children, and MORE!

The Moonpaper Tent (918 NE 64th St in Roosevelt): “Mr. McGizmo’s Inventions Camp!” on November 11th from 9AM-3PM. Kids aged 4-9 years old can spend their school-free day playing dress-up, doing creative drama, arts and crafts, and building!

Anything else we should add to this list? LET US KNOW. #freeadvertising

Newspaper sales force in our area confirmed

I heard back yesterday from Griff Tilmont, the Seattle Times’ circulation district manager for our area of Seattle.  He confirmed that there has been a “huge sales force” in our area recently.

In his phone message, Griff said that salespeople work their way through neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and asking if homeowners take the paper. If the answer is, “Yes, we do,” then the salespeople ask how your service has been. If the answer is, “No, we don’t,” then they try to sell subscriptions.

My in-laws over in Laurelhurst also mentioned greeting a salesperson at their door, asking these questions.

Thanks to all who shared their concerns in the comments on the Ravenna Blog about this activity. Glad we were able to solve this one. Thanks also to Seattle Times circulation for their help.