Happy New Year

Here’s the light show that you may have missed this morning:

My shot at today’s sunrise

Just for you, gentle readers, I braved the cold morning air to take a few pictures of the sunrise…

…so that you can see why I don’t take pictures of the sunrise.

The view from my yard is a bit obscured, and does not improve even while standing in the nearest intersection. [I’m highly, embarrassingly visible in my light green bathrobe, so worry not for my safety; just the family pride.]

The most my pictures reveal is that the sunrise must be pretty spectacular to view from somewhere else.

My clearest shot is due south, which is not considered a very useful cardinal direction for taking sunrise pictures, but these clouds took pity on me this morning.

All of this is just to say: Hey, fellow Ravennians*!  If any of you have a better view of the sky than I, and enjoy a good sunrise, take a picture and I’ll put it on the site for all to enjoy.

Bonus points for revealing the color of your bathrobe.


*Does this term work for everyone? “Ravennites” sounds like something one would run into during a spelunking expedition. And “Ravenners” sounds like a bad horror movie.