OMG we’re TWO!

The Ravenna Blog is TWO years old!

Technically, this happened on August 8th, but I didn’t notice until today.  I have been spending most of my online time these days reading HyperlocalBlogger and migraine entries on medical sites (I believe those two are unrelated).

There have also been lapses and sputters in our coverage of Ravenna related events, so I don’t feel as thought it’s been a FULL two years of blogging, but celebrating the anniversary of the first post feels right.

There shan’t be a party, and NO GIFTS, PLEASE, but I have a few gifts (thanks) of my own to dole out (in no particular order):

  • THANKS to We [Heart] Food for finding us in the early days and making the blog’s first comment,
  • THANKS to Annie Price and Glenn Roberts for being our first interviewees,
  • THANKS to Amy, Susie, Hanna, Mai and PATTY for their hyper-hyperlocal support,
  • THANKS to the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association for their substantial online presence, and to Jim O’Halloran for his emails,
  • THANKS to those of you who have send in questions and topics for us to blog about (KEEP IT UP),
  • and thank YOU for reading this!


Some old, notable posts to peruse:

  • Welcome to the Ravenna Blog! (August 8, 2008) The first post!
  • You may now commence the fun. (September 9, 2008) Official dedication of the new playground at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center.
  • Neighborhood 911 (October 15, 2008) Fire at a multi-unit building. I’ve made the decision to not report on all the fire and police stuff that goes on (important stuff, yes, but not the kind of blog I’m going for here), but when you see a house ON FIRE a couple blocks from your house, you go check it out, right?
  • Ravenna: Now with twice the blogging (at least) (February 24, 2009) Ravenna Nation joins the hyperlocal blog community. RN ran on the Neighborlogs blog platform and was set up to be a much more open and collaborative way of blogging about the neighborhood. I wrote a bit for it, as did others. But, sadly, RN is no more. [The twitter feed is still around, frozen in time, and, creepily enough, the last tweets had to do with the blood found in Ravenna Park while Maurice Clemmons was still at large.]
  • The REAL Ravenna Blog – if only (August 25, 2009) Oh My God Seattle (now Berlin) wrote a hyperlocal blog parody, and used Ravenna as the neighborhood. I laughed and laughed.
  • Mission Statements (April 13, 2010) Mission statements for the blog as well as a good list of the local blogs ’round here that I follow (and you should, too).
  • Busy Weekend – Athletic Edition (April 29, 2010) Post about events around here and the UW (Friday Night Lights, Opening Day, Windermere Cup). Really, just an excuse to post that picture of the Elvis Boat the Bremerton Yacht Club made.
  • Twitter Feed Round-Up (May 22, 2010) The first. I do more tweeting than I thought I would (life with a toddler makes it easier to bang out 140 characters than blog posts), so these are my attempts to bring non-tweeters up to speed (with the least perishable tweets, anyway).
  • Restaurant Inspection Round-Up REDO (May 31, 2010) A retraction post, of sorts. Deciding to rank restaurants based on my faulty perception of how the King County scores said inspections caught Chris’ (We [Heart] Food) eye, and he called me on it. Never again!
  • June 9, 2010. My Green Lake and I badger a poor woman into starting a Roosevelt Neighborhood Blog. She hasn’t been the same since.
  • Low flyers in Bryant? (June 16, 2010) Karen in Bryant submitted a question about a low flying plane over her house, and I was able to answer it! Well, tell her who to call to report it, anyway.
  • Uniformed Help on the Viaduct Detour Route (June 17, 2010) First reader submitted picture and tip!
  • Yoga on the Patio: Interview with Annie Price of RTPB (June 30, 2010) First interview! Thanks again, Annie!
  • July 2010. Yeah, the whole month was notable, primarily for all the Sisleyville posts. Co-interviewed Glenn Roberts (with Roosiehood), co-posted a letter (with Roosiehood) for readers to send off to City Councilmembers, live-tweeted two City Council meetings…goodness.

Here’s to two more! At least. 🙂