Introducing your neighborhood PIE school

Yesterday was National Pie Day (designated thus by the American Pie Council, of course). Perhaps you celebrated by eating some. And now you’re wondering, how can I celebrate this holiday more often?

Photos courtesy Wendy Sykes, Four and 20 Blackbirds

Wendy Sykes can help you with that. She’s the owner of Four and 20 Blackbirds, a baking school right here in Ravenna that she started last September.

The classes Four and 20 Blackbirds is offering right now are Pie Class, Parent/Child Pie Class, Cooking Making and Parent/Child Cookie Decorating. Wendy has plans in the works to add more baking and crafting classes to the mix later on. She’s also able to schedule classes for private events.

"It’s like coloring – but you get to eat the page. And the page is gooooooood," says the website.

The first thing you get from the pie class? A piece of pie, TO EAT. That’s fantastic.

Wendy was interviewed on KUOW this morning (where she once worked for nearly 8 years), along with Kimmy Tomlinson of West Seattle’s Shoofly Pie Company and Dani Cone of High 5 Pie in Capitol Hill. You can listen to the program on KUOW’s website here.

Too cute to eat? NAH.