DIY-apolooza: Sustainable NE Seattle’s Hands On skills fair returns

Sustainable NE Seattle’s second annual Hands On Community Skills Fair takes place on Saturday, February 11.

From the Hands On homepage:

People are recognizing the joy, satisfaction and security of being able to provide for our own needs, shifting from dependence on giant corporations to a healthy interdependence with our local community. Let’s re-learn the skills our grandparents knew!

Over twenty folks from our neighborhoods have stepped up to share skills such as food preservation, grafting, tool repair, and making clothes.

Skill workshops will be held from 11 AM-5 PM at both the Ravenna-Eckstein and Meadowbrook community centers (with vanpool available). A community potluck at Meadowbrook from 5:30-7:30 PM follows (bring a dish to share and your own utensils).

Workshop offerings include:

  • Simple Bike Repair
  • Basic Plumbing Repair
  • Fermentation
  • Basic Sushi Making
  • Basic Trauma Assessment and Splinting
  • Making Cheese I and II
  • Kid’s Realm (variety of quick, easy to learn skills appropriate for kids and teens)
  • and lots, lots more

A few of the workshops (such as Simple Bike Repair and the Kid’s Realm) are ongoing throughout the day, but most have a set time and registrant limit.

Hands On costs $15 in advance ($20 at the door) for as many workshops as you can fit into your schedule.

To register (through the Seattle Parks and Recreation Connection [SPARC] system), follow the instructions on the Hands On homepage.

Art abounds in Ravenna — Check out Thrive

In the past we’ve mentioned events and workshops at Roaring Mouse Creative Arts Studio (7526 20th Ave NE), such as this weekend’s Annual Holiday Open House. *hint, hint*

And now, in the spirit of supporting all things Ravenna, we plug the other art school in the area, Thrive Art School (6329 NE 65th St).

Thrive has a couple workshops coming up that you and your offspring might be interested in taking together:

Drawing Together – A special parent and child workshop; ages 5-9 with parents

Sunday, December 11, from 1-2 PM and 2:30-3:30 PM

Local Artist Workshop – Create your own artwork inspired by Clare Johnson’s whimsical ink drawings; ages 8 and up with parents

Sunday, December 11, from 2-4 PM

Thrive Art School is located above Cafe Da Pino on the corner of Ravenna Avenue and NE 65th Street. They also have a location on E Madison Street, across the street from Cafe Flora.