Bake-at-home pizza and collegiate surplus new to the area this week

Today, we welcome Zaw Pizza to the (nearly) neighborhood, and tomorrow it’s UW Surplus’ big day!


New signage, with bonus phone number (photo courtesy Zaw Pizza)

Zaw Artisan Pizza opens its fifth location in Wedgwood (7320 35th Ave NE) today at 2pm. No deliveries this week, as they focus on the pizza-making first; however, busy folks can order ahead and pick up their pizzas while STILL IN THEIR CARS, thanks to a second door to the store, adjacent to the kitchen.

When deliveries start next week, the neighborhoods of Wedgwood, View Ridge, Bryant, Ravenna, and even Laurelhurst are included in the delivery area. Roosevelt and Maple Leafers east of 15th Avenue NE are also in the delivery zone. (The rest of Roosevelt and Maple Leaf, and the University District may be added to the deliver zone later.)

The Wedgwood Zaw crew! Katie, Amanda, Danielle, Stephanie, Will, Nathan, Townley, Danny, Rose and JOE are happy to be here!


On Tuesday, UW Surplus holds their first public sale from noon-6 PM at their new location (4515 25th Ave NE), across 25th Avenue NE from University Village.

The old location (underneath campus security on Boat Street) had its charm: Lots of wood, lots of old signage. A duck. But it was also small, and had very little head room. And no heat. The new location is quite a bit larger AND heated. (And conveniently located across the street from Radio Shack.)

A sneak peek -- LOOK at all that head room!

Just how does the University of Washington decide what they don’t need or want anymore? From the UW Surplus Store’s FAQ page:

The UW is committed to contributing toward a greener world, and we try to let nothing go to waste if it can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. We take in surplus items from all UW departments and medical facilities. When a department doesn’t need something anymore, they send it to us. We receive items every day, so our stock of items is always changing & evolving.

And what is it like inside? What kind of stuff is the UW parting with? Well, if you’ve even been to the original Archie McPhee’s (on Stone Way) and wished they had more stuff you could outfit your mad scientist lab and office with, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU.

Entrance is the small door to the left of the BIG DOOR.