Talk About Ravenna

We’re sure you’ve seen the sepia-toned covers of the Images of America books in your local bookstore.  Perhaps you’ve even thumbed through Early Ballard or Frederick & Nelson or Puyallup: A Pioneer Paradise and thought, these are nice little historical picture books, but they’ll never have one on my neighborhood.

We’re happy to report that you are mistaken.

Ravenna: The Book!

Admittedly, Seattle’s Ravenna Neighborhood has been out since 2007, but author Ann Wendell is giving a talk about it on February 24th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Northeast Branch.

Wendell has posted an interview about the book up on her website in case you can’t make it, or you just like to be prepared for such author talks.

Wendell also wrote the Frederick & Nelson book, for those of you keeping score.  Should anyone want to purchase either title, I would suggest you do so directly from the author’s website (Paypal).  Support your local historians, or they’ll be history!

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