Teenager falls through skylight at Eckstein Middle School

At approximately 5:11 PM on Saturday, September 21, the Seattle Fire Department responded to a 911 call regarding a teenage boy who had fallen through a skylight on top of Eckstein Middle School.

Seattle schools security and Seattle Police Department officers also responded to the call, according to Seattle Fire PIO Kyle Moore and the SPD twitter feed.

A 13-year-old male was reported to have been climbing on the roof of the school with two other kids when he went through a skylight and fell 15-20 feet, according to the SPD.

The boy had loss of consciousness after the fall, but was transported by Seattle Fire Department personnel to a hospital in an alert and stable condition.

If/When we know more about the boy’s injuries and condition, we will update this post.


  1. Such a right of passage to play on and around school grounds after hours. Hope he is OK!

  2. I hope he’s OK too, but seriously–it’s a rite of passage to play on the school grounds, but not on the school ROOF.

  3. Elizabeth Dundel says:

    I went to school their about 10 years ago, and it was old then. I cant imagine how thin the glass on those skylights must be. I’ll be praying, as my 2 nephews go to eckstein and may know him. God bless

  4. He’s in my science class and a total idiot

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