the intoxicating scent of cedar chips

The playground behind the Ravenna Eckstein Community Center has a lovely lush coating of sod:

It looks lovely.  Can’t wait to wiggle my bare toes in it, or perhaps take a roll down the hill pictured in the background.  If no one’s looking, that is.

Yet, turn your head 90 degrees to the right, and you see the following:

Are you SURE the sprinklers can’t reach any farther?  Really?

The playground is still closed, at least according to the big chain link fences everywhere.  That hasn’t stopped a lot of kids — and their parents, great example setting there — from sneaking in and trying out the equipment.

We imagine that a kick-off celebration is in the works, and soon.  We’ll post what we know when we know it (and not a moment later).

UPDATE: A little exploration of the Seattle Parks & Recreation Fall 2008 Play! Book for the northeast reveals that the playground will be dedicated on September 5 during the annual Summer’s Final Fling.  Be there from 6-8 PM for “carnival games, music, magic, picnic fare, and more”.

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