Twitter Feed Round-Up for June 12

Some interesting tidbits in the mostly weekly twitter feed round-up this week INCLUDING the birth of a new neighborhood blog!

Roosevelt neighbors and fans, you now have the Roosiehood blog, twitter feed and facebook page for all your Roosevelt neighborhood needs.  Huzzah!

And here’s what you may have missed on the @RavennaBlog twitter feed this week:

  • Story Time is BACK at the NE Branch: Babies start it off today [Sat] at 11:30. Full schedule on the blog’s Google Calendar.
  • And here’s some background on the new Forza Coffee opening Sat (owned by cops!):
  • Nancy Leson on Mamma Melina, past and present, at her blog:
  • Sunday’s really your last chance to drive on the NE 45th viaduct until mid-September. Live it up!
  • Wedgwood View reports that Spooner Farms strawberries will be returning to the Hunter Farm stand in 5-10 days (strawberries runnin’ late).
  • @roosiehood You can have the car bridge. I’ve got this “comely” beauty, on 20th Avenue NE.
  • I thought nothing would ever come between me and @mygreenlake, but I’m glad @roosiehood did. Now, get to work.
  • Thank you, Jill Beck (@MrsWaterClown), for being our 100th follower! You even seem as though you are an actual person, which is a bonus.
  • For those keeping score, that’s WA, MN, KY, NE, OH, MI, and the original in Italy. Road trip, anyone?
  • Ya sure, you betcha: There’s a Ravenna in Minnesota. Just a couple miles west of Sharp Muskrat Lake (or 40 minutes outside St. Paul).
  • Acorn Street Yarn Shop on B3 of the Seattle Times today. Pic of the old awnings being removed. New ones are up, lookin’ good.
  • Friends of Ravenna Ravine work party this Saturday. Bindweed and blackberry on the seek and destroy list. More info at
  • Starting to see detour signs and even a Dynamic Message Sign (example: going up on 65th. Can’t wait!
  • Is your family looking shaggy? Here’s a good deal: RT @pinupsalon Free kids cut with adult haircut all week long!
  • Dahl and Ravenna wading pools still set to open June 28. City’s budget could still close ’em, tho. We’ll all found out in a couple of weeks.
  • @mygreenlake There’s a crow fledgling in my backyard, on the deck. Should I go out there, and try and be friends? 😉
  • Aha! Osaka Sushi is to become *drumroll* BERNU’S INDIAN RESTAURANT. Sorry, Himalayan Kitchen, but it looks like you’ve got competition.

Hey, it just occurs to me: I accidentally skipped last week’s twitter round-up. These things don’t keep very well, you know, but here’s a few that you still might be interested in:

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