Twitter Feed Round-Up for May 30

ARRRRRRRNo, you’re not seeing double. The first post since last week’s inaugural Twitter Feed Round-Up is…another Twitter Feed Round-Up.

However, if you’re looking for new content, look over the Ravenna Blog Google Calendar (on the right –>). It’s now loaded with all the free and/or cheap activities of note at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center this summer. [Hopefully the city budget process will not erase all my hard work and your potential fun.]

Also, for fans of the new Ravenna Community Garden, the website has sprouted! Yours truly is the webmistress, which means, for those of you who are not all that interested in the garden, you will be hearing about it less here. [There’s also a Ravenna Community Garden twitter feed.]

Anyway, your Round-Up awaits:

  • Yoga? Outside? At Ravenna TPB? Every morning at 7 for 45 minutes? June through August? Weather permitting? I’ll get more info.
  • [RCG] Help plant tomatoes this Sunday at the community garden, from 1 to 3. Bring hand tools and a warm hat.
  • @NFMASeattle I hate to break it to you, but, you haven’t seen Cliff Mass’ updated forecast, have you?
  • Hey, look at this:
    Full disclosure: I’m building it, and I need more questions for the FAQ. Got any?
  • Cafe O’Play on Blakely is closing. Multi-seller rummage sale this Sat-Sun, clothing show by MiMi Bug on Sunday.
  • Looks like the Forza Coffee going in The Croydon on 25th Ave NE is going to have beer and wine. Personally, I’d rather they had Frangelico.
  • Tweet @mollymoon about where you’d like to see their ice cream truck stop in Seattle this summer. Schedule up on their blog on June 4th.
  • North Link Light Rail Community Meeting, June 16, 5:30-8:30, Roosevelt HS Commons. Thanks, @PinehurstSea.
  • Heh. NE 45th St viaduct to close day after commencement, reopen day before first home football game. I C WUT U DID THER.
  • Spotted today in the neighborhood, TWICE: The Roosevelt High Marching Band. Did I hear James Brown?! Yes, I think I did.
  • Hey, Roosevelt neighbors — Roosie web edition, out now:

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