Vandalism hits Ravenna restaurant Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (corrections)

Correction: The vandalism occurred between the evening of Tuesday, March 1st and the morning of Wednesday, March 2nd. We regret the error.

Local Italian restaurant (and Ravenna Blog advertiser) Casa D’Italia Market & Cafe (2615 NE 65th Street)  was vandalized sometime between Monday the night of Tuesday, March 1st (after the cook went home), and Tuesday Wednesday morning, March 2nd, when an alert neighbor noticed the damage and called 911.

From an email with Casa D’Italia owner Angeli Donatone:

[W]e were vandalized [Tuesday Wednesday] am. A neighbor called 911 to report the damage early (6am-ish) [that] morning. Our large front window had a cinder block thrown thru it, as did a basement window. The  front door was shattered, although had safety glass.  One of the large wine barrels on 27th was tipped over. What a mess!

If anyone happened to be around the restaurant at the time the damage occurred, and has any information to share, contact the restaurant or call the Seattle Police Department’s non-emergency number (625-5011).

Broken pane of glass replaced by plexiglass temporarily.


  1. Aadonatone says:

    Thanks for the post Rebecca. Just wanted to let you know the vandalism was Tuesday night (3/1/11)/Wednesday morning (3/2/11). Let’s hope someone saw or heard something. Angeli ~Casa D’Italia

  2. Mike Sawicki says:

    An Italian restaurant in New Jersey would never be vandalized in this way. Shame. We’ll be sure to come in for a meal to help with your deductible 😉

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