Wedgwood wants to hear from you.

Wedgwood: We Don't Need Your Vowels

While we are firmly embedded in Ravenna, our Wedgwood friends to the east apparently want our two cents on their neighborhood (got a postcard about it in the mail just today).

The Wedgwood Vision Project (a committee of the Wedgwood Community Council, funded in part by a Neighborhood Matching Fund award) is “conducting a community survey about issues such as growth and development, transportation, parks, and community activities in Wedgwood.”

The online version of the survey is here. Paper surveys (which you don’t need, since you appear to be using the internet right now) are available at the HomeStreet Bank at 35th and 82nd, or at the Northeast SPL Branch.

The WVP also has a blog up at

AS IF ALL THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, there is a Wedgwood Vision Project community meeting on Saturday, April 10, from 9:30-noon:thirty at the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church. There will be bagels, followed by a review of the survey results.


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