“Why is my alarm clock blinking?” – Power outage affects 3,600 in Ravenna/Wedgwood this afternoon

About 3,600 Seattle City Light customers lost power this afternoon around 1 PM, due to a falling tree branch. Power was restored about an hour later.

From Seattle City Light’s Scott Thomsen (emphasis mine):

Seattle City Light restored service to about 3,600 homes and businesses in Ravenna and Wedgwood in about an hour after a falling tree branch cut power to the area.

The outage started about 1 p.m. when a private tree company cut down part of a Douglas fir near NE 40th Avenue and NE 92nd Street. The falling wood hit power lines, causing a short, before coming off the lines and falling to the ground.

City Light crews inspected the area for damage then re-set breakers to restore power before 2 p.m.

The general boundaries of the outage were NE 106th Street on the north, NE 75th Street on the south, 8th Avenue NE on the west and Lake Washington on the east.

At the time of this writing it looks as though there is one customer still affected, very close by where the incident took place. But all other customers in the area have restored power.

This is also a friendly reminder (for those in the effected area) to check your clocks (especially any that may wake you up in the morning) when you get home from work today.

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