WIN a pumpkin the size of a VERY LARGE PUMPKIN

Want to WIN the Mother of All Halloween Decorations?

Giganto-Gourd could be YOURS!

The View Ridge PCC (6514 40th Ave NE) is having a Guess the Weight and WIN contest for this unholy beast of a pumpkin.

I asked one of the produce guys how the winner was expected to lug this bad boy home, and he assured me that the store would be of assistance in that area (the manager used his own truck last year, apparently).

Then the produce guy asked me what my guess was. And I told him. And he said I didn’t need to worry about lugging it all the way to my house this year. Drat.

But for bad guessers like myself, there is another option!

Only 39 cents a pound! BARGAIN.

Just like the BUY IT NOW feature on eBay, there are a couple of these beauties, nearly as big, available for purchase. Sixty-seven bucks isn’t too bad for a pumpkin the size of a large dog, is it? And don’t get me started on that gorgeous color.

I ended up not getting any, actually. I grew three pie pumpkins in my p-patch plot this year, and I intend to carve them all up…right after I’ve made them into PIE.


This was more of a silly post than an informative post. Did you enjoy it? Should I do more? Would YOU like to write one? DISCUSS, in the comments.


  1. Hmmm, I wouldn’t have catagorized it a silly post. I think you are doing a very good job of keeping up on the hood. What was your guess on the weight? We could do this systematically: a cubic yard of concrete weights 2,700 lbs. I’ll assume it was smaller than a cubic yard…

    • Aw shucks, that was awful sweet of you to say. Now I’m all verklempt, and I don’t even know what that means.

      I shan’t give away my guess, but I will say that my technique of wiggling the smaller orange one, then comparing that to the big one (also wiggled) and adding XX pounds is NOT one I’d recommend as a way to actually win the darn thing. “Heft” may work with rocks and minerals, but not with squash.

      I will say, however, that it was definitely smaller than a cubic yard in volume. As for its mass compared to that of concrete…well, it sounds like you’re more of an expert in that area. Maybe you should give it a wiggle and take a stab at it.

      • As long as you aren’t gobsmacked (I don’t know, I just found it as a synonym) , I think we are on safe ground.
        The “system” is to take your number and the 2,700 lb weight, and pick the middle point. Ask the produce guy if it is under or above that number. We should be able to narrow it down rather quickly. But here I’ve given it away and don’t even know your initial guess.
        I think that pumpkins make pretty good compost, in the end, don’t they? I’m certain we could cast it in concrete; what a garden ornament!

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